Choices II: The Setup mp3 Soundtrack by Three 6 Mafia
  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:41


1.Introby Three 6 Mafia1:07
2.Who Da Fuck You Playin' Wit?by Three 6 Mafia4:49
3.Yeah I Rob (Ft. Mr. Bigg)by Three 6 Mafia4:42 Three 6 Mafia4:44
5.Skit #1by Three 6 Mafia0:57
6.It'S Whateva Wit Us (Ft. Youngbloodz, D-Rock Of The Ying Yang Twins)by Three 6 Mafia5:42
7.Pass Dat Shitby Three 6 Mafia5:20
8.Squeeze Itby Three 6 Mafia3:48
9.Official Crunk Juntby Three 6 Mafia4:26
10.Who I Is (Ft. Trillville, Lil Wyte)by Three 6 Mafia4:50
11.Skit #2by Three 6 Mafia0:44
12.Shoot Up Da Clubby Three 6 Mafia4:41
13.Stanky Stankyby Three 6 Mafia2:48
14.One Hitta Quittaby Three 6 Mafia5:05
15.Gettin' Real Buckby Three 6 Mafia2:42
16.I Sho Will [Intro]by Three 6 Mafia0:09
17.I Sho Will [Remix]by Three 6 Mafia4:42
18.Skit #3by Three 6 Mafia0:47
19.Posse Songby Three 6 Mafia3:32
20.Outroby Three 6 Mafia3:06