Christmas Dance Party 2018 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Christmas Dance Party 2018by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:54


1.Merry Xmas 2K17 (Santa Vocal Mix) (feat. Bikay)by Vibronic Nation3:36
2.Legacyby Euphoriasound4:30
3.Die Besten Partys (The Suspect Remix) (feat. Alex Twist)by Fluxstyle5:15
4.The Rainby DJ Erre3:34
5.Pinball 2.0 Reloadedby Vibronic Nation6:16
6.Running Intensifiesby Fungist4:18
7.Jingle Bells (DJ D-Troid And Bassbangerz And Traxogen Remix)by Smp2K4:37
8.Memories (C. Baumann Remix)by DJ Arix6:12
9.Wonderlands (Nick Unique Radio Edit) (feat. Smp2K)by Drummasterz3:24
10.The World Is Yoursby Cafdaly5:25
11.Lost Tribeby Coke Montilla7:34
12.A New Dayby Bramd5:11
13.Set Me Free (Drummasterz Remix)by P & P5:04
14.R And D Sun (feat. Viewtifulday)by Namara3:44
15.Dance Under Snow (Handz Upperz Remix)by Rayman Rave4:42
16.Turn The Lights Offby Max R.4:22
17.Tschomby Drummasterz4:55
18.No! No! No! (Vaan G & DJ Arix Club Mix) (and Max)by DJ Arix3:37
19.Herzschmerz (Dance Version) (feat. Natid7)by Vibro Dance3:37
20.Try To Hearby Hoski3:34
21.Over The Horizon (and Craig Mortimer)by Coke Montilla6:06
22.Drifting Awayby Euphoriasound9:46
23.Desire To Thinkby Arven Team7:32
24.Kingz Of The Oldskool (Alejz Remix)by Rave Ryders6:33
25.Die Besten Partys (Voggi And Baseto Remix) (feat. Alex Twist)by Fluxstyle5:51
26.Keep Hands Up Music Aliveby Turk-Tech5:00
27.Makes Me Wonder (Jinpachi Futushimo Remix)by Max R.4:44
28.Sommerlied Reloaded (Noyesman Remix) (meets Biraytrax)by Vibronic Nation6:17
29.Memories (Sngr Remix)by DJ Arix4:12
30.Handzup! Will Never Die (Reductionz! And Hisashiz Remix)by Nigel Hard5:26