Christmas Dance Party 2018-2019 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Christmas Dance Party 2018-2019by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:49:38


1.Home (Radio Mix) (feat. Deja)by Spikaa3:11
2.Bad Girls (Radio Edit) (feat. Pacha Man & Alexandra Mitroi)by Sean Norvis3:14
3.Out Of The Dark (Radio Edit)by John Reyton3:11
4.Pump It Up (Radio Edit)by Geo Da Silva3:13
5.Limpa Boom (Original Mix)by Locodj3:07
6.Dance (Radio Edit)by Dan Bass3:19
7.Stereo (Pilo Playa Remix)by Federico Seven3:09
8.In London (Club Edit)by Jimmy Trias2:57
9.Tonight Is The Night (Radio Edit)by Geo Da Silva3:26
10.The Riddle (Original Mix)by Maxriven3:15
11.In The Name Of Love (Radio Mix) (feat. Norah B.)by Lorenz Koin3:19
12.Jammin' (Radio Edit)by Charlie Atom3:10
13.Feel Good (Radio Edit) (feat. Jay Martin)by Tall & Small2:51
14.King Of My Castle (Original Mix) (feat. Berny B)by Stefano Sorge4:19
15.Meteor Feelings (Erick Fill Remix)by Sean Norvis3:28
16.Mickey (Radio Edit)by Dan Bass3:20
17.Forever (Radio Edit)by Deep Emotion3:19
18.You (Radio Edit)by Audioboy3:04
19.Trust And Believe (Radio Edit)by Dimitri Bruev4:18
20.Chicken (Original Mix) (feat. Johny Sax)by Topsy Crettz5:02
21.Beautiful Love (Vetlove And Mike Drozdov Radio Edit) (feat. Justine Berg)by Seepryan4:12
22.Saxado (Radio Edit)by Puro Beat2:53
23.You Can't Stop Me (Original Mix)by Mr. Groove3:50
24.Happines (Radio Edit)by Deep Emotion3:20
25.Hard Like Ice (Radio Edit)by Dan Bass3:36
26.Forever Young (Radio Edit) (feat. Maureen Sky Jones)by Dani Corbalan3:07
27.Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix)by Maxriven3:01
28.My Love My Life (Radio Edit)by DJ Combo3:35
29.Stories (Radio Edit) (feat. Omz)by Ryan Housewell3:06
30.Fill Me Up (Radio Mix) (feat. Hoxygen)by The Coolbreezers3:12
31.Hanuman (Radio Edit)by Dani Corbalan3:20
32.Breathe Fire (Radio Edit)by Madme3:17
33.Get It (Original Mix)by Mike Maiden4:28
34.Take Me Away (Radio Edit)by Geo Da Silva3:05
35.Ciao Bella (Radio Edit)by Locodj3:17
36.The Only One (Original Mix) (feat. Alba Kras & Tony T)by Fedo Mora3:21
37.Vem (Dj Sanny J Mix Edit) (feat. Regina Saraiva)by Carlo M3:34
38.Raise It Up (Moombahton Edit)by Madtune3:12
39.Sing With Me (Original Mix)by Alex Berti3:42
40.Try And Let's Go (Radio Edit)by Armos2:45
41.Eyes On You (Radio Edit)by Audioboy3:04
42.We're Alone (Radio Edit)by Deep Emotion2:47
43.Be My Lover (Radio Edit) (feat. Alba Kras & Tony T)by Sherman De Vries3:27
44.Sunshine (Radio Edit) (feat. Jodie Topp)by Michael Fall3:27
45.My Star (Radio Edit)by Audioboy3:06
46.I Had A Dream (Andaro Remix Edit) (feat. Maureen Sky Jones)by DJ Combo3:27
47.Voyage 2.0 (Radio Edit)by Effegi'3:54
48.Can't Fight The Fire (Deep Mix Radio Edit)by Dani Corbalan1:59
49.Beyond The Mind (Original Mix)by Topsy Crettz4:30
50.Talking To Myself (Original Mix)by Max Fane3:52

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