Christmas Party 2020-2021 (Best of Dance, EDM, House & Electro) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Christmas Party 2020-2021 (Best of Dance, EDM, House & Electro)by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:57:17


1.Break Free (Radio Edit) (and Ya-Ya)by Stephan F2:46
2.Happy People (Radio Edit) (feat. Fizo Faouez)by Geo Da Silva3:00
3.Showtime (Radio Edit)by Turbotronic2:56
4.Hymn 2k20 (Original Mix)by Teknova3:37
5.Blue (Da Ba Dee) 2k21 (Radio Edit)by Flgtt2:53
6.Together (All We Need Is Us) (Original Mix) (feat. Paul Aiden)by Rene Rodrigezz2:48
7.Our Way (Niels Van Gogh Remix Edit) (with Kayc feat. Elena Kellner & Niels Van Gogh)by Two4one2:21
8.Miss You (Radio Edit) (and Ya-Ya)by Alpha Squad3:09
9.Zzinhage (Radio Edit)by Turbotronic2:42
10.Criminal (Radio Edit) (and Tony T)by Stephan F2:40
11.The Moment (Original Mix) (feat. Sophia May)by Rene Rodrigezz2:27
12.Wild Side (Original Mix)by Maxriven2:50
13.Big Banana (Original Mix)by Turbotronic2:37
14.Tarantella 2k20 (Original Mix)by Teknova2:51
15.Supa Dupa Fly 2k20 (Radio Edit)by Flgtt2:53
16.Can’t Stop Me (Radio Edit)by Alpha Squad2:57
17.By Your Side (Original Mix) (and Noom)by Jay Carraway3:48
18.Only Tonight (Radio Edit) (and Ya-Ya)by Stephan F2:57
19.Roll The Galaxy (Radio Edit)by Nik Finn2:56
20.Only Tonight (Radio Edit) (and Tony T)by Stephan F3:29
21.All About The Music (Radio Edit)by Alpha Squad3:12
22.Twisted (Original Mix)by Maxriven2:50
23.Body Shake (Original Mix)by Turbotronic3:00
24.Children 2k20 (Radio Edit)by Flgtt3:21
25.Dreams (Will Come Alive) (Radio Edit) (and DJ Combo feat. Timi Kullai)by Naxwell2:20
26.Drive All Night (Original Mix)by Wissard2:54
27.What U Need (Radio Edit) (with Sander-7 & Tony T feat. DJ Nicolas)by DJ Combo2:38
28.Stay With Me (Radio Edit) (and Ya-Ya)by Stephan F2:59
29.Lifetime (Original Mix)by Three Like to Party2:40
30.Happy Every Day (Original Mix) (with Sander-7 & Tony T)by DJ Combo3:27
31.Ocean Breeze (Radio Edit) (with Sander-7 & Ya-Ya)by DJ Combo2:39
32.Iguana (Original Mix)by Maxriven2:54
33.Mad World 2k20 (Original Mix)by Teknova3:18
34.Johnny’s Song (Melbourne Bounce Mix)by Teknova3:09
35.Burn It Up (Radio Edit)by Turbotronic2:54
36.Go Up (Original Mix)by Turbotronic2:56
37.Come On (Radio Edit)by Turbotronic3:06
38.The One (Original Mix) (with Sander-7 & Tony T)by DJ Combo2:28
39.Cambodia 2k20 (Melbourne Bounce Mix)by Teknova3:10
40.Dinga Dinga (Radio Edit)by Turbotronic2:45