City Lounge 9 by Various Artists

City Lounge 9

by Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:05:09


Disk #1

1.Falling (feat. Aloe Blacc & Gift of Gab)by Raashan Ahmad4:49
2.Chic Like You (feat. Allie Baba)by Raphael Saadiq4:02
3.Day Into Night (feat. Stephanie McKay)by Katalyst3:37
4.Let It Go (feat. Roxie Ray)by The Liberators4:10
5.Storm Clouds (feat. Ras Roni)by The Striders4:05
6.Your Love (feat. Dena Deadly)by PlantLife2:49
7.The Hope (feat. Bajka)by Radio Citizen3:34
8.International Hustlerby Connie Price & The Keystones3:20
9.Gotta Let Me Knowby Breakestra3:28
10.Waitin' So Long (feat. Jess Roberts) (and The Pimptones)by Nick Pride3:19
11.Waiting for Reformsby Gizelle Smith4:08
12.Get on Upby Ray Lugo Les Express2:25
13.See and Don't Seeby Dojo Cuts3:40
14.Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover (feat. Little Hannah Collins)by The Hawk3:19
15.Kings Balladby Georgia Anne Muldrow3:44
16.It's Allright (feat. Spacek)by Kingsbread4:25
17.50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (feat. Rogier)by Platinum Pied Pipers4:02
18.Fever (feat. Zeno)by Platinum Pied Pipers4:05
19.Sound of the Ghostby Clutchy Hopkins3:02
20.Under the Sunby Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra2:31

Disk #2

1.Down the Drainby Lilly Wood & The Prick3:02
2.Batter-Vousby Brigitte4:03
3.Let's Burn Againby Gush4:05
4.Rise in the Sunby FM LÆTI3:25
5.Time Is Loveby B. Alone3:58
6.Out of Controlby Pony Pony Run Run3:31
7.Live Goodby Naive New Beaters3:40
8.The Next Barby Hey Hey My My3:05
9.Sundayby Kid Bombardos2:12
10.Black Sandby Applause4:13
11.Les Chiens Dormentby Lisa Portelli3:20
12.Where Is My Mindby Lise3:16
13.Say My Nameby Cocoon3:16
14.Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeurby Corde Brève2:46
15.Heal the Pastby Alex Keren3:51
16.Shadowsby Da Brasilians3:30
17.Sex Obsessionby Freddy Mcquinn4:33
18.On the Run (feat. Pedro da Silva)by Filewile3:06
19.Milenium Condorby DJ Phantom4:18
20.Relaxin With Cherry (Dimitri From Paris & Bibi remix)by Kid Loco7:33

Disk #3

1.Black in the Night (feat. Katherin DeBoer)by DJ Vadim4:18
2.Totally Tanyaby Dynas4:09
3.One to 31by J-Live3:25
4.King of Kings (feat. Sean Price & Sene)by Clutch Player3:34
5.Hummin' (feat. Roy Ayers & Edwin Birdsong)by Marley Marl4:16
6.Born Again (feat. Jill Scott)by V5:12
7.Glisten Upby Julien Dyne3:50
8.So Sexyby Funky DL3:50
9.Come Back Homeby Al Kent5:35
10.Nobody (feat. Evidence)by Notes to Self4:09
11.Monthful of Diamondsby Phantogram4:09
12.Have a Little Mercyby Jean Wells2:36
13.Done It Againby Space Invadas3:39
14.Destroy (feat. Distrakt)by Git2:06
15.Reminsceby Rrewcial4:46
16.Step Rite on It (feat. Baron)by T.R.A.C.3:21
17.Do It (feat. Golden, Nic Nac & 77)by Blicky Jonson3:48
18.Something Foreverby Slakah the Beatchild3:07
19.Layer (feat. Mara TK)by Julien Dyne3:50
20.Elephantcycle (feat. Conan Cowalsky)by Bara Brost5:06

Disk #4

1.The Game (feat. Ashley Slater)by Dublex Inc.4:09
2.Rum & Coca Cola (Jojo Effect remix)by The Andrews Sisters3:09
3.And the Beat Goes Onby Jojo Effect3:54
4.Hard Swing Travellin' Manby Brenda Boykin4:06
5.Anytime Swingersby Bebo Best and The Super Lounge Orchestra3:05
6.Prosschai (Minimatic remix)by Artie Shaw4:05
7.Bad Boy Good Manby Tape Five4:12
8.All Aboardby Iain McKenzie4:14
9.Take Threeby Club des Belugas4:08
10.Escapismby Metropolitan Jazz Affair3:55
11.Kiss of Kaliby Mop Mop4:14
12.A Wish for You (feat. Tomoka Ito)by native4:48
13.Who's Sorry Nowby Nekta3:44
14.Pilotby Matthias Vogt Trio4:00
15.No Need to Rumbleby Nekta4:10
16.Algebra of Delight (Jazz & Milk remix)by Radio Utopia4:06
17.Twiggy Twiggyby [re:jazz]3:20
18.Hot Potby Mop Mop3:51
19.Yes It's Trueby Taxi3:48
20.Bad (feat. Yelena)by Radio Utopia4:08