City Music mp3 Album by Kevin Morby

City Musicby Kevin Morby

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 48:07


1.Come to Me Now4:51
4.Aboard My Train3:17
5.Dry Your Eyes4:13
6.Flannery (feat. Meg Baird)0:41
7.City Music6:44
8.Tin Can4:50
9.Caught in My Eye3:33
10.Night Time6:03
11.Pearly Gates3:52
12.Downtown's Lights4:20
I really like the spirit of this album. It's very simple and down to earth but also pleasant and dreamy. It seems like an album of self-reflection in that the songs read like stories and they have vivid emotion evoking landscapes that strike me like impressionist paintings. I really felt this album. On top of that when I first heard it it was raining and it was very cathartic to stare out my window at the rain and feel very peaceful. I don't have anyone favorite track because I think this album is one that speaks as a whole piece of art and not just as its individual songs.