Closure mp3 Album by Art Fact

Closureby Art Fact

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 48:47


1.The Initial Merge (2016 Edition)1:18
2.Nowadays (2016 Edition)4:05
3.I'm Here (2016 Edition)3:38
4.As You Say (2016 Edition)3:33
5.Whom Are You Dancing for? (2016 Edition)3:34
6.Building (2016 Edition)4:19
7.Man In Armour (2016 Edition)3:23
8.Rain In the South (2016 Edition)3:42
9.Nowadays (Blipblop Remix)3:11
10.I'm Here (Bazinga Remix)3:58
11.As You Say (Restraining Order Remix)4:42
12.Man In Armour (Kyle Reese Revenge Remix)4:30
13.Rain In the South (Patrik Johansson Bay Cover)4:54