Collected mp3 Artist Compilation by Massive Attack

Collectedby Massive Attack

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:09:56


Disk #1

1.Safe From Harm5:19
5.Inertia Creeps5:54
7.Butterfly Caught5:09
8.Unfinished Sympathy5:12
10.What Your Soul Sings6:37
11.Future Proof5:43
12.Five Man Army5:22
14.Live With Me (With Terry Callier)4:51

Disk #2

1.False Flags (New Track)5:41
2.Incantations (New Version Of Everywhen Feat. Horace Andy)3:19
3.Silent Spring (New Track Feat. Liz Fraser)3:07
4.Bullet Boy [Digital Remaster]4:05
5.Black Melt (Black Milk Live)5:13
6.Joy Luck Club (New Track Feat. Debbie Clare)4:58
7.Small Time Shoot'Em Up (New Version Of Small Time Shoot Away With 2D (Aka Dam...6:45
8.I Against I (Massive Attack And Mos Def) [Digital Remaster]5:42
9.I Want You (Madonna With Massive Attack)6:21
10.Danny The Dog (Feat. Lorna Marshall) [Digital Remaster]6:02
A remarkable album... I love all 24 tracks. A sexy, soulful mix of blues, hip pop, rap and electronica. Relaxing and erotic songs immersed in sexy hypnotic music. A true pleasure.
Tracks to watch out for...
Angel... a truly beautiful love song... the singing on this track is excellent and full of feelings.
Karma Coma.... a very masculine rap...with a driving and unforgettable rhythm..
Unfinished Symphony.... is a song that I'm sure we can all relate to
Inertia Creeps.... is one of my favourites...its is very sexy and great to dance to.
All 24 tracks are different and very good. The music seems to encompass many different cultures ...