Collection I mp3 Artist Compilation by Vermapyre

Collection Iby Vermapyre

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 59:05


1.Trone De Sang/Cercueil De La Mort6:31
2.Dungeon of Eternal Night3:31
3.Return of Thee Sorceror2:10
4.Thee Cold Invocation1:40
5.March of Thee Vermapyrical Legions1:35
6.To Vvalk the Night3:06
7.Maison Sepulcrale5:45
8.Lord of Death/Lord of Hell/Blood Parchment5:20
9.Chve.Rmapyre/Dungeon of Eternal Night/Sortie8:05
10.Aultre Ne Veulx Estre6:06
11.Congregation of Forbidden Flesh/Deafening Apparition5:14
13.Conjuring Thee Black Vvorm4:01