Combat Mix mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Combat Mixby Various Artists

  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:40


1.Under The Black Sky (Patrick Codenys of Front 242 Remix)by Combat Voice5:25
2.SK Two One (VV303 Remix)by Combat Voice4:56
3.Man Is Machine (Combat Voice Remix)by NTRSN4:30
4.Rats (Combat Voice Remix)by IC 4345:33
5.Proud Soldier (Combat Voice Remix)by Dark Control Operation4:46
6.Conspiracy (Combat Voice Remix)by Alt-G4:04
7.We Own Your Life (Combat Voice Remix)by Ethan Fawkes5:04
8.Nacht Klub Muzik (Combat Voice Remix)by Vuduvox3:12
9.The Things You Promise (Combat Voice Remix)by Causenation6:10