Come Join My Orchestra: The British Baroque Pop Sound 1967-73 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Come Join My Orchestra: The British Baroque Pop Sound 1967-73by Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:56:38


Disk #1

1.Come Join My Orchestraby Al Jones1:55
2.(Do I Figure) In Your Lifeby The Honeybus2:35
3.Coathangerby Clifford T Ward2:48
4.Poor Jimmy Wilsonby The Strawbs2:40
5.The Better Sideby The Freedom4:37
6.Acorn Streetby Michael Blount1:37
7.Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfallby The Toast3:29
8.Disappearby Gilbert2:07
9.The Sound Of The Candyman's Trumpetby Tony Hazzard2:34
10.Your Dog Won't Barkby Picadilly Line2:58
11.Can't Find Time For Anything Nowby John Williams2:13
12.Woe Is Love, My Dearby Bert Jansch2:19
13.Sandyby The Matchmakers3:11
14.Isandula Roadby Jonathan Gill2:45
15.Am I Very Wrongby Genesis3:35
16.Away, Awayby The Money Jungle2:50
17.Sticks And Stonesby Warm Sounds3:23
18.You're Not In My Classby The Alan Brown!3:33
19.Melinda (More Or Less)by Curved Air3:28
20.I'm Going Homeby Edward Jenkins3:43
21.Don't Try To Explainby Neil MacArthur3:22
22.Everymanby Stackridge4:26
23.Do You Love Meby Deep Feeling3:28
24.Todayby Festival4:21
25.Private Harold Harrisby The Ian Campbell Group2:47
26.Not So Young Todayby Five Steps Beyond2:51

Disk #2

1.Popcorn, Double Featureby The Searchers3:00
2.Barterers And Their Wivesby The Rockin' Berries2:43
3.Justineby Julian Brooks3:23
4.Courtyards Of Castileby The Bliss2:58
5.Mother Dearby Barclay James Harvest3:19
6.Competitionby The Orange Bicycle2:41
7.I See Wonderful Things In Youby Mike Batt2:46
8.Doris Comes Todayby Bill Fay2:32
9.Yepby Bridget St. John2:47
10.This Song Is Greenby Billy Nicholls2:57
11.Cherrybelleby Chris Neal3:29
12.I Could Write A Bookby Wil Malone3:06
13.Windfallby Offspring3:30
14.Poetby Audience3:04
15.Dear Amandaby The Regime2:23
16.Battle Of Trafalgarby John Pantry1:56
17.Letters From Herby Forever Amber1:59
18.It's Been A Long Timeby Andy Ellison3:21
19.Fillin' A Gapby Paper Bubble3:19
20.Illinoisby Nirvana3:37
21.Father Dickensby Johnny McEvoy3:05
22.A Little Smile On Christmas Morningby The Annie Rocket Band3:25
23.He's Very Good With His Handsby Barry Booth & His Orchestra2:29
24.Charlotte Roseby The Majority2:54
25.Genevieveby Angel Pavement2:37
26.Luskus Delph (and Edmonton Symphony Orchestra)by Procol Harum3:40
27.The Answer Isby Marc Brierley2:23

Disk #3

1.Saturdayby Fickle Pickle3:06
2.Writer In The Sunby Donovan4:31
3.A Rose For Emilyby The Zombies2:19
4.Rick Rackby The Humblebums2:52
5.She Sang Hymns Out Of Tuneby The Freshmen2:44
6.Broker Bicycleby Kes Wyndham2:20
7.Cloudyby The Factotums2:03
8.I'll Keep Smilingby Simon, Plug & Grimes3:55
9.On A Monday Morningby The Move2:33
10.Strange Peopleby The U-No-Who3:22
11.If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mindby Edwards Hand2:42
12.Picture On The Wallby Clive Sands1:58
13.New Kind Of Feelingby Lea Nixon3:16
14.Only Foolingby Chris Baker2:41
15.Mrs Richieby Harmony Grass3:46
16.Rosemaryby A & A North3:14
17.Row Row Rowby Peter Sully2:37
18.Time Sellerby The Spencer Davis Group2:52
19.Thoughts On A Rainy Dayby Katch 221:56
20.Tuesdayby The Mellow Yellow2:26
21.This Little Manby Grapefruit2:50
22.Face In My Windowby Sheridan/Price2:20
23.Smokey Blue's Awayby Muffin3:04
24.Breakfastby Richmond3:21
25.All My Lifeby Agincourt3:02
26.Shades And Shadowsby Elliot Mansions3:18
27.Goodbyeby John George2:32