Come Shop Wit' Me mp3 Album by Young Jeezy

Come Shop Wit' Meby Young Jeezy

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:30:03


Disk #1

1.Can U Smell3:41
2.We Can Play the Game (feat. 11/29)3:59
3.22's or Better3:29
4.Ain't I3:57
5.Let Me Hit Dat (feat. FiDank)3:55
6.Take It to the Floor (feat. Bone Crusher)4:35
7.Gangsta Walkin' (feat. Dank)3:39
8.Put The Whip On It4:19
9.Mel Man Speaks0:18
10.Put the Whip on It, Part 22:43
11.Haters (feat. Lil Jon & 11/29)4:23
12.G.A. (feat. Pastor Troy & Shawty Redd)3:52

Disk #2

1.Real Talk0:44
2.Come Shop Wit' Me3:20
3.Ain't Nothin' Like4:27
4.Thug Ya (feat. Oobie)3:57
5.I'm a Gangsta (feat. Kinky)3:17
7.2 Nite (feat. Cutty Cartel)4:24
8.That's What's Up4:19
9.I Ride (feat. Kinky)4:26
10.Rainy Days5:03
11.Gold Mouth Speaks0:14
12.The Game (feat. Sunny Spoon & Lil’ C)4:26
13.Gold Mouth Speaks0:25