Communication & Conviction: Last Seven Years mp3 Artist Compilation by The Tossers

Communication & Conviction: Last Seven Yearsby The Tossers

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:53


1.Young Ned of the Hill2:34
2.Maidrin Rua / Tell Me Ma3:41
3.Seven Drunken Nights4:00
4.Aye Sir2:09
5.Thirty Days in The Hole2:16
6.D'ampton Worm2:13
7.Last Rights of the Plummeting Thermometer2:01
8.Finnegan's Wake4:45
9.When You Get Here3:00
10.Dancin' Shoes4:25
11.Buckets of Beer2:18
12.I Know Where I'm Goin'3:20
13.Chelsea Girls4:54
14.Sleepin' In A Dust Bin2:25
15.Irish Whiskey2:57
16.Fall On The Floor3:19
17.Everything's Bad3:09
19.Johnny I3:23
20.Papers and Pins2:26
21.Irish Rover4:42