Compendium V1: Rarities, Remixes, and Demos mp3 Artist Compilation by Glass Apple Bonzai

Compendium V1: Rarities, Remixes, and Demosby Glass Apple Bonzai

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:02:01


1.Too Late to Let Go (2008 demo)5:37
2.Symptoms of Reality (2008 demo)4:00
3.Breathing Machine (2008 demo)4:36
4.A Place for You (2008 demo)1:56
5.A Million Foolish Hands (2008 demo)4:54
6.The Girl With the Telephoto Eye (2008 demo)5:59
7.I Never Knew (2008 demo)4:36
8.Symptoms of Reality (2008 extended instrumental)6:17
9.Breathing Machine (version 2)4:53
10.Too Late to Let Go (club mix)5:36
11.Too Late to Let Go (The Mighty Fine mix)5:19
12.Too Late to Let Go (Liquid Bass mix)6:05
13.Symptoms of Reality (2011 remix V1)3:47
14.Symptoms of Reality (2011 remix V2)3:42
15.Overture for the Sad (version 3)5:48
16.A Million Foolish Hands (Choir of the Damned mix)4:52
17.A Million Foolish Hands (Weird Fast Minimal mix)4:37
18.A Million Foolish Hands (Double Clap mix)4:52
19.A Million Foolish Hands (12" extended mix)8:35
20.Fade to Sorrow (12" extended mix)8:10
21.The Freeze (original demo)3:56
22.Right Some Day (original demo)6:00
23.Disintegrate 2006 (I Honestly Thought This Song Was Lost Forever)5:29
24.Haunted Graveyard3:42
25.Tension (Unreleased instrumental)3:05
26.Films (w/ Intro)6:02
27.Machines Are Dancing (demo)4:32
28.I Can't Feel (original demo w/ Nonsense Vocals)4:52
29.I Don't Mind (2009 instrumental demo)4:15
30.Dancing on the Moon (original demo)4:46
31.An Astrophysicist Love Story I (original demo)4:26
32.Holy War (original demo w/ Nonsense Vocals)8:00
33.He Who Walks (original demo)5:33
34.Drudgery (demo mix)4:14
35.Modern Light (12" extended mix)7:10
36.The Outro1:48