Complete Greatest Hits mp3 Artist Compilation by Eagles

Complete Greatest Hitsby Eagles

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:25:04


Disk #1

1.Take It Easy3:31
2.Witchy Woman4:11
3.Peaceful Easy Feeling4:16
5.Tequila Sunrise2:52
7.Already Gone4:16
8.The Best Of My Love4:34
9.James Dean3:38
10.Ol 554:22
11.Midnight Flyer3:58
12.On The Border4:23
13.Lyin Eyes6:21
14.One Of These Nights4:50
15.Take It To The Limit4:47
16.After The Thrill Is Gone3:57
17.Hotel California6:30

Disk #2

1.Life In The Fast Lane4:45
2.Wasted Time4:54
3.Victim Of Love4:10
4.The Last Resort7:29
5.New Kid In Town5:06
6.Please Come Home For Christmas2:59
7.Heartache Tonight4:26
8.The Sad Cafe5:34
9.I Can't Tell You Why4:53
10.The Long Run3:42
11.In The City3:45
12.Those Shoes4:56
13.Seven Bridges Road (Live)3:05
14.Love Will Keep Us Alive4:03
15.Get Over It3:31
16.Hole In The World4:20

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I agree with the first reviewer The Composer when he said that this is truly the best of The Eagles. I've been a fan from many years, although most of their music was when I was a child. My favorite song from here is "Life In The Fast Lane", which talks about the drug culture. From power rock to soft rock ballads, The Eagles have done it all. No wonder the band is a legend!!

I like "Witchy Woman", because it sounds like it could be a Halloween song, which is why I got it. I'm creating a Halloween party mix, and I thought of this song. It's a great addition to my collection, but then again, this album is great for my collection.
The Composer
This album will bring you back with all the hits songs that the eagles produced. every song is a great song to be a part of anyone's library. No mater the age of the listener from the teen's to the older rockers that are tuning 55 and find them as a senior citizen. There will never be another band like the eagles as some of the group went on to producing hits like Don Henley, and Bryan Adams have there own success. When you listen you are bound to hear a song that was used in the movies. This is one album that you can purchase the entire group of the greatest hits from the eagles. Enjoy the album as i have enjoyed every song on this (2) CD Series