Complete Piano Music, Volume 5 mp3 Artist Compilation by Sergei Prokofiev

Complete Piano Music, Volume 5by Sergei Prokofiev

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:29


1.Piano Sonata No.1 in f-moll, Op.18:02
2.Organ Prelude and Fugue in d-moll (Buxtehude arr. Prokofiev)5:13
3.Gavotte No.4 from 'Hamlet', Op.77 bis3:07
4.Three Pieces, Op.96 - 1. Waltz from 'War And Peace'6:05
5.Three Pieces, Op.96 - 2. Contredanse from 'Lermontov'2:38
6.Three Pieces, Op.96 - 3. Mephisto Waltz from 'Lermontov'3:17
7.Sonatina in e-moll, Op.54 No.1 - I. Allegro moderato3:07
8.Sonatina in e-moll, Op.54 No.1 - II. Adagietto3:53
9.Sonatina in e-moll, Op.54 No.1 - III. Allegretto2:38
10.Sonatina in G-dur, Op.54 No.2 - I. Allegro sostenuto3:18
11.Sonatina in G-dur, Op.54 No.2 - II. Andante amabile2:24
12.Sonatina in G-dur, Op.54 No.2 - III. Allegro, ma non troppo3:23
13.Four Pieces, Op.4 - 1. Reminiscences2:35
14.Four Pieces, Op.4 - 2. Elan1:03
15.Four Pieces, Op.4 - 3. Desespoir3:56
16.Four Pieces, Op.4 - 4. Suggestion diabolique2:50