Completely in Luv' mp3 Artist Compilation by Luv'

Completely in Luv'by Luv'

  • 62 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:14:52


Disk #1

1.You're the Greatest Lover2:51
2.Who Do You Wanna Be3:43
3.My Man3:04
4.Sugar Babe2:43
5.Don Juanita de Carnaval3:12
6.Life Is on My Side2:38
7.U.O. Me2:57
8.Dream Dream3:30
9.Oh, Get Ready3:18
10.Louis je t'adore3:40
11.Everybody's Shakin' Hands on Broadway3:24
12.Hang On3:11
13.Don't Let Me Down2:37
14.Eres mi mejor amante2:55
15.All You Need Is Luv' Jingle0:12

Disk #2

2.Eeny Meeny Miny Moe2:52
4.Shoes Off (Boots on)3:07
7.The Night of Love3:31
8.Money Honey3:15
10.I Like Sugar Candy Kisses3:33
11.If You Love Me2:33
12.Saint Tropez3:02
13.Trojan Horse3:24
14.Casanova (Spanish version)3:48
15.Luv' Hitpack (long version)5:26
16.All You Need Is Luv' Jingle0:12

Disk #3

1.Ooh, Yes I Do2:58
2.Ann Marie4:35
3.Rhythm 'n Shoes3:03
5.Boys Goodnight2:37
6.Daddy, What a Life3:08
7.Cloud No.93:29
8.Wine, Women and Song3:44
10.Stop Me3:08
11.My Guy3:52
12.Let There Be Love2:40
13.Si que si3:05
14.Ann-Marie (Spanish version)4:05
15.All You Need Is Luv' Jingle0:12

Disk #4

1.My Number One3:15
2.Billy the Kid3:15
3.Never Wanted to Be4:29
4.Mother of the Hearts3:05
6.The Show Must Go On3:19
7.Ooh I Like It Too3:08
8.I Win It3:00
9.Song of Love and Understanding3:57
10.Some Call It Happiness3:58
11.Be My Lover Tonight3:27
12.One More Little Kissie3:46
13.You're the Greatest Lover '933:18
14.Megamix '93 (long version)4:20
15.Trojan Horse (2006 remix)3:01
16.All You Need Is Luv' Jingle0:12