Complex Channel Collective Tapes, Vol.2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Complex Channel Collective Tapes, Vol.2by Various Artists

  • 37 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:30


1.: intro :by Complex Channel Collective0:06
2.Dead Seasonby Idealism2:23
3.WATby loomree.1:24
4.stressedby hurlum1:07
5.T. Learyby Smoke Trees2:00
6.dillaesqueby deucceducce1:50
7.Gator Shitby Legendary Obscure2:23
8.Balladby Fu_0:40
9.Hidden Rain (and joe-short)by helios ray ☀1:02
10.f k d u pby Allergy Kid1:53
11.backinthedaysby Beressi2:05
12.Gone (and L'Alchemik)by 2 x S O U L1:37
13.Vidaby Cooper2:08
14.on the plane to mumbaiby the prodigal sun0:49
15.Even Moreby KiLaMDaPro2:28
16.sometimesby Jack1:52
17.oOflowersOoby linK2:18
18.childhoodby aimless1:33
19.floss (and 90sFlav)by Manny1:47
20.Exiiistenceby Shiiiro-sama2:04
21.: intermission :by Complex Channel Collective0:50
22.sueños (and mt.fujitive)by .bess one.2:26
23.pfcl punkby o̶xela1:33
24.sHRoomsss (prod.zae the philosopher & alfonso x)by zae the philosopher1:06
25.Qawl-The Strongby Zraja2:22
26.we are on the same shit!by René Schier2:32
27.weed breakby ℂo∆ch​Mo​TΣl1:49
28.i know you sometimesby eraserface2:31
29.Midnight People (and Aywee Tha Seed)by ODYSSEE1:39
30.Maybe Laterby EMERLD2:04
31.ocean waves pt. 1by fujitsu1:38
32.kidsby Fiji.Water1:34
33.intentions/unknownby slwpk1:38
34.thoughts about uby helios ray ☀1:40
35.dabby f i e r i1:59
36.emeyEby ☽ y c b e j.0:56
37.night sky (edit)by STLNDRMS1:44