Condemned mp3 Album by Koan
  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:42:24


1.The Devil's Confession8:50
2.One Day All Will Become Clear9:30
3.Darkness in the Box (Condemned mix)8:37
4.Through the Looking Glass8:07
5.From Nowhere to Nowhere (Condemned mix)7:10
6.Pleasant Punishment (Condemned mix)7:23
7.Blind Theolatry (Condemned mix Part.1)4:43
8.Broken Crown (Condemned mix)6:42
9.Resistant Men (Condemned mix)6:45
10.Conscious Delusion (Condemned mix)7:37
11.Intruder (Condemned mix)5:38
12.He's Here (Condemned mix)2:44
13.Blind Theolatry (Condemned mix Part.2)4:42
14.Fallen (Condemned mix)8:09
15.Penance (Condemned mix)5:47