Contemporaries of Mozart, Volume 1: Antonio Rosetti: Symphonies mp3 Artist Compilation by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Contemporaries of Mozart, Volume 1: Antonio Rosetti: Symphoniesby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:39


1.Symphony, A12/KI12 in D major - I. Allegro moderato7:15
2.Symphony, A12/KI12 in D major - II. Andantino4:22
3.Symphony, A12/KI12 in D major - III. Menuetto: Trio & Moderato2:28
4.Symphony, A12/KI12 in D major - IV. Allegretto capriccio3:59
5.Symphony, A40/KI22 in G major - I. Allegro molto4:36
6.Symphony, A40/KI22 in G major - II. Menuetto & Trio: Moderato3:18
7.Symphony, A40/KI22 in G major - III. Andante ma allegretto5:07
8.Symphony, A40/KI22 in G major - IV. Finale: Presto non tanto3:30
9.Symphony, A9/KI21 in C major - I. Vivace non presto5:17
10.Symphony, A9/KI21 in C major - II. Menuetto fresco & Trio2:19
11.Symphony, A9/KI21 in C major - III. Romanze: Andante gracioso3:38
12.Symphony, A9/KI21 in C major - IV. Capriccio: Allegro molto3:21
13.Symphony, A33/KI24 in F major - I. Presto6:04
14.Symphony, A33/KI24 in F major - II. Andante4:08
15.Symphony, A33/KI24 in F major - III. Menuetto & Trio: Fresco3:45
16.Symphony, A33/KI24 in F major - IV. Allegro molto3:32