Cool Emotions mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Cool Emotionsby Various Artists

  • 72 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:38:56


Disk #1

1.The sound of missing you (feat. Ameerah)by Wildboyz3:36
2.You are my love (feat. Augusta)by Polaris3:39
3.Love song (Acoustic love mix)by JES4:20
4.I belong to you (feat. Athena Routsi)by Kosmopolitans3:17
5.Why we can't leave togetherby Mystic Diversions4:25
6.The look of love (Theme from Casino Royale)by Patty Ascher2:28
7.Mercyby Tahta Mendes3:28
8.Ladyby Lawrence Page3:46
9.Call meby Barbara Mendes2:26
10.Tango to Evora (Anthony Reale vs. Electro Blues Chill Version) (and Pink Noisy feat. Anastasia Zannis)by Consoul Trainin3:27
11.You don't fool me (Tango Cafe Mix)by Indigo Sun5:36
12.No ordinary love (Consoul Training classic mix)by Tereza5:28
13.With or without youby Marcela Mangabeira3:30
14.Message in a bottleby Le Berry5:43
15.Let's stay togetherby Liz Menezes3:03
16.Shadow of your smileby Maria Augusta3:00
17.Fly me to the moon (In other words)by Bob Tostes2:27
18.Like a virginby Marcela Mangabeira3:50

Disk #2

1.Beautiful (Kosmopolitans mix) (feat. Joan Kolova)by Consoul Trainin3:35
2.Josephineby Mystic Diversions4:20
3.Love is in the airby Wanda Sa3:45
4.Careless whisperby Mauricio Detoni3:39
5.Part-time loverby Rachelle Spring3:09
6.Porqueby Pochill3:38
7.Light my fireby Tahta Mendes3:05
8.Can't take my eyes off youby Cristina Camacho4:09
9.Lo farestiby Anim3:57
10.Hot stuffby Border Sound3:13
11.Finallyby Abigail Bailey4:32
12.All that she wantsby Sagi Rei3:59
13.Upside downby Valparasio3:44
14.Self controlby Marian Dacal3:19
15.Die for youby Saloa Farah3:16
16.Every way that I canby Carol & Zeca Rodrigues2:56
17.Beat itby Marcela Mangabeira3:13
18.Sing it backby Smoma4:16

Disk #3

1.Just an illusion (and Miley Schmit)by Al Blamo5:09
2.How deep is your loveby Maria Augusta3:22
3.The music played (feat. Annamaria)by Dreamers Inc.4:21
4.I've got you under my skinby Bob Tostes4:02
5.The winner takes it allby BNB5:06
6.All my lovingby Bambi Jones3:28
7.Say a little prayer for youby Taryn Spilmann3:09
8.Do you really want to hurt meby Daniela Procopio3:23
9.Wild is the wind (feat. Crystalia)by Kosmopolitans3:49
10.Nothing compares to you (Cool mix) (feat. Joan Kolova)by Consoul Trainin5:55
11.Ain't no sunshineby Smoma5:08
12.Rehabby Barbara Mendes3:47
13.Every breath you takeby Maira Martins3:55
14.Purple rainby Daniela Procopio3:47
15.Golden brownby Marcela Mangabeira3:31
16.Let's spend the night togetherby Monique Kessous4:04
17.Thank youby Cristina Camacho4:10
18.You make feel brand newby Tahta Menezes3:40

Disk #4

1.Sun is shining (Out of sight remix)by Reunited4:29
2.Apologizeby Georgeana Bonow3:07
3.Poker faceby Marcela Mangabeira3:10
4.My favourite game (Kosmopolitans mix) (feat. Baby Quenn)by Omikron3:48
5.Satisfaction (feat. Majuri)by Blue Frequency3:37
6.I love to loveby Angela Bresh3:35
7.Give me the nightby Smoma5:36
8.Tainted loveby Cristina Camacho3:36
9.Stop (Rivaz jazzy mix) (feat. Joan Kolova)by Consoul Trainin3:40
10.Ayo technology (FTW acoustic mix)by Katerine3:25
11.Miss youby Sofa Rock4:40
12.Rise up (Moonraisers reggae remix)by Yves Larock4:01
13.Billie Jeanby Marcela Mangabeira4:56
14.My number oneby Barbara Mendes4:41
15.Just the two of usby Marcela Mangabeira3:23
16.Can't get you out of my headby Marian Dacal3:52
17.Freeby Sagi Rei3:58
18.Mille amantiby Cristiano Malgioglio4:22