Cosmic Cleavage mp3 Album by Busdriver

Cosmic Cleavageby Busdriver

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 29:40


1.Pool Drowning2:06
2.Nagging Nimbus2:31
3.Cosmic Cleavage (feat. AWOL One)2:04
4.Stingy Lover0:45
5.Kev's Blistering Computer Tan and Driver's Rapper's Rapper Moniker3:53
6.Unnecessary Thinking (feat. Abstract Rude)2:08
7.Beauty Supply and Demand2:04
8.She-Hulk Dehorning the Illusionist2:51
9.Stride Pianist Penis Envy1:04
10.Purple Schards2:01
11.Rap Sucks1:41
12.Staring at the Sun6:32