Creepy & Scary 1 by 1 Revolution Music
  • 71 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:21:01


1.Hot Fear Full1:07
2.Electric Chair Full1:05
3.Electric Chair No Fx1:05
4.Electric Chair No Orch1:05
5.Electric Chair No Prc1:05
6.Electric Chair No Prc No Fx1:05
7.Electric Chair Prc Fx1:05
8.Fixing The Game Full1:06
9.Fixing The Game Lite 11:06
10.Fixing The Game Lite 21:06
11.Fixing The Game No Brs No Pads1:06
12.Fixing The Game No Keys1:06
13.Fixing The Game No Prc1:06
14.Fixing The Game No Str1:06
15.Fixing The Game Orch Only1:06
16.Fixing The Game Orch Prc1:06
17.Haunted Room Full0:53
18.Haunted Room Lite0:53
19.Haunted Room No Hits0:53
20.Haunted Room No Hits No Lps0:53
21.Haunted Room No Pno0:53
22.Haunted Room No Str0:53
23.Haunted Room No Pno No Str0:53
24.Haunted Room Pads Fx0:53
25.Haunted Room Pads Fx Hits0:53
26.Night Stalker Full2:05
27.Night Stalker No Orch2:05
28.Night Stalker No Pads No Fx2:05
29.Night Stalker No Prc No Lps2:05
30.Night Stalker No Swells2:05
31.Night Stalker Orch Only2:05
32.Night Stalker Orch Prc Bs2:05
33.Nervous Time Full1:02
34.Bad Staircase Full0:52
35.Bad Staircase Lite0:52
36.Bad Staircase No Orch0:52
37.Bad Staircase Lps Only0:52
38.Bad Staircase Orch Only0:52
39.Creeper Full1:04
40.Creeper Lite 11:04
41.Creeper Lite 21:04
42.Creeper No Heartbeat1:04
43.Creeper No Lo Drones1:04
44.Creeper NoLoStr1:04
45.Escape Your Fate Full1:08
46.Escape Your Fate Lite1:08
47.Escape Your Fate No Orch1:08
48.Escape Your Fate No Orch No Pads1:08
49.Escape Your Fate Orch Only1:08
50.Unearthed Full1:31
51.Unearthed No Brs1:31
52.Unearthed No Pads1:31
53.Unearthed No Prc1:31
54.Unearthed No Str1:31
55.Unearthed No Flt1:31
56.In The Walls Full0:52
57.In The Walls No Brs0:52
58.In The Walls No Prc0:52
59.In The Walls No Str0:52
60.In The Walls No Str No Brs0:52
61.In The Walls Prc Only0:52
62.In The Walls Str Brs0:52
63.Cutter Full1:48
64.Garden Of Pain Full1:26
65.Down To The Cellar Full0:44
66.Down To The Cellar Syn Lps0:44
67.Down To The Cellar No Syn0:44
68.Down To The Cellar No Syn No Orch0:44
69.Down To The Cellar No Orch0:44
70.Down To The Cellar No Orch No Prc0:44
71.Down To The Cellar No Syn No Prc0:44