D. I. Y. C. D. (Limited Edition) mp3 Artist Compilation by Man Is The Bastard

D. I. Y. C. D. (Limited Edition)by Man Is The Bastard

  • 54 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:59


2.No Concern for the Inhuman1:01
3.The Arena3:33
4.Refuse to Thrive0:13
5.Existence Decay1:05
6.Secret Surgery0:08
7.Attempt to Damage0:13
8.Smile Trick1:03
9.Telegram Death Threat0:28
10.Once Upon A...0:21
11.Shoes of Cement0:36
12.(Tony Williams) Strifetime1:06
13.H. S. M. P.0:47
14.Ether Rag0:58
16.Blood Gutter1:15
17.Heretic's Fork1:23
18.Koro Treatment2:35
19.Justice Is Swift (Jack)0:59
21.Trapped Within Burning Machinery1:22
22.Pain of the Iron0:43
23.Steak Eating Boss1:05
24.Lobotomize a Cop2:09
25.Fine Feathered Friend1:56
26.Scavengers World3:57
27.Regression to Birth2:26
28.Mocha Rebirth0:10
29.Semen in the Eyesocket of Thomas Lenz0:18
30.Slave to the Bean0:11
31.The Iron Room0:35
33.Volatile Cocktail1:13
34.Tumult Being2:37
35.Abundance of Guns0:28
37.Grasp the Bug2:41
38.Human Condition3:56
39.Mary Jane (The Ultimate Girl)0:29
40.Oil Bomb0:33
41.S. O. I. G.1:59
42.Work to Death0:15
43.Instantly Bent1:00
44.Screwdriver in the Urethra of Thomas Lenz0:23
45.Snake Apartment0:23
46.Walkers of the Streets3:43
48.Media Prophet2:24
49.Slay or Slander1:20
51.Flying Limbs1:12
52.Tomb Ride5:22
53.Mr. Wilson0:30
54.Lime Doom0:15

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