D.Trance 37 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

D.Trance 37by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:49:56


Disk #1

1.Heaven & Earth (Chris & Matt Kidd Remix)by Travis Baxter7:49
2.Revival Xby Brennan Heart6:13
3.Restlessby Airbeat One Project5:19
4.Intuition (Original Mix) (pres. Ecco)by Marnix7:56
5.Frozen Flame (Extended)by Jeckyll & Hyde6:30
6.Feel The Love (Original Mix)by Mainfield7:36
7.The Anthem (Mikesh Hardsound Mix)by Mental Madness Allstars6:31
8.Sound Of E (Original Mix)by Desperate Deejays6:40
9.Tricky Disco (Paragod Remix)by Discotronic4:54
10.Ayla (Energy Mix)by DJ Kubrik6:22
11.You Were Thereby A1 Project7:16
12.JUMP! (Dan Winter Remix) (vs. Manian)by Cerla5:58

Disk #2

1.The DJs Present Athemby Gary D.5:58
2.Lost In Love (Prodygee & Van De Traxx Mix) (vs. Legend B.)by Beats of Genesis8:48
3.Citybeat (Tune Up! Mix)by Pattern Mode4:55
4.Wings Of Freedomby Van Reozel8:07
5.Twilight Zone (and ZX)by Coon5:22
6.Tran-4by Fabio Stein9:18
7.100by Van der Karsten5:38
8.Energy (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix)by Cave & Prey5:44
9.Flying Awayby Manuel Es6:57
10.Almanacby Oneslickers8:37
11.Liquefaction (Original Mix) (vs. Matt Abott)by Activa7:20

Disk #3

1.Special Megamix By Gary D.by Various Artists1:14:08