D.Trance 41 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

D.Trance 41by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:57:27


Disk #1

1.Side By Side (Instrumental Mix)by The Hitmen7:22
2.The Goddess (Club Mix) (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara5:38
3.Ebony Angel (DJ Lee Remix) (vs. Thomas Petersen)by Lisaya5:51
4.You Know (Original Mix)by Pimp!Code5:20
5.24 Hours (DJ Lee Remix)by Kian Keen5:19
6.Hungry Wolf (Original Mix)by Jay Frog7:15
7.Apologies (Original Mix)by Conrad S8:43
8.Better Off Alone (Club Mix)by Rushroom5:22
9.Time Fliesby Jeckyll & Hyde5:36
10.Close Quartersby Frase7:38
11.Red Sky 2007 (Pete Sheppibone Remix)by Accuface6:22
12.Meltdownby 3rd Moon9:00

Disk #2

1.Higher State Of Happinessby Gary D.5:33
2.Koma (Reloaded)by Pulsedriver5:26
3.Illuminate (Synthesis Remix)by Master Project6:19
4.I Get A Rush (Original Club Mix) (and Stokes)by Grissom7:30
5.Promise Meby Axel Coon4:56
6.Jumping & Pumping (Xtd Mix)by DJ Roxx6:33
7.2 (Scot Project Remix)by Tocs9:36
8.Final Riot (Nick The Kid + Louk Remix)by DJ Sylas6:30
9.Lost VIsion (DJ Choose Remix)by C.M.R.7:13
10.Solid State (Intuition Summer Event 07 Theme) (feat. Relocate)by Menno de Jong7:26
11.Shining Star (AJP Instrumental Mix)by DJ Fait7:02
12.House Time (and Bass-T)by Rocco4:48

Disk #3

1.Special Megamix By Gary D.by Various Artists1:19:09

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