D.Trance 5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

D.Trance 5by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:50:23


Disk #1

1.Time Warpby Gary D.7:28
2.Remember How It Startedby Phase IV8:11
3.Eternityby B-Voice6:24
4.Anytime, Anyplaceby Alien Factory7:30
5.Rhythm of Windby Over 25:10
6.Definition (and Jacques Dumondt)by Hitch-Hiker7:02
7.Eye C Redby Commander Tom7:31
8.Excell (extended version)by Vision One5:52
9.Don't Be Afraidby Moonman6:19
10.Space Peopleby DJ Crack6:02
11.The Stand (feat. Peke Albeza)by Javi Golo6:29

Disk #2

1.Time (Time mix)by Equality4:43
2.Plastic Houseby Plastic Enemy9:29
3.Other Worlds (Hard Trance mix)by Proxyma5:31
4.Energy (Gary D. & DJ High-Ko remix)by DJ Tibby8:36
5.Terminator 2 Themeby Eta Beta J6:11
6.Get Up! (Gary D. & DJ High-Ko remix)by Etienne Picard7:27
7.This Grooveby Free!!6:03
8.Future Is Presentby Sammy5:55
9.Initialize (and The Paragod)by DJ Yanny6:15
10.Rageby Cocooma7:06
11.The End (Gary D. & DJ Yanni Bagdad remix)by Nostrum8:20

Disk #3

1.Back Into Time (and DJ High-Ko)by Gary D.7:16
2.Special Megamix By Gary D.by Various Artists1:13:33