D.Trance 62 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

D.Trance 62by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:57:01


Disk #1

1.Toward Air Currents (Original Mix) (feat. Bardalimov)by Mr. Selekta5:45
2.Airport (Original Mix)by Photographer9:17
3.Power Trip (Bryan Kearney Remix)by Chris Metcalfe6:31
4.The Expedition (Asot600 Anthem) (and Markus Schulz)by Armin van Buuren7:11
5.Neutrino (Original Mix)by Matt Davey7:04
6.Sagarmatha (Original Mix) (and Alexan)by Kago Pengchi8:19
7.Play Bach (Original Mix)by Daryus8:02
8.Retrospect (Original Mix)by NG Rezonance6:01
9.The Shadows (Miami Mafia Remixby Physical Dreams9:30
10.Cheops (Original Mix)by Matt Bukovsky6:50

Disk #2

1.Hi Tech-Russian (Original Anthem) (and Andrea Montorsi feat. Dima Agressor)by Luca Antolini6:52
2.Lift Off (Original Mix)by Nomad6:33
3.Daydreams (Original Mix) (and Nick The Kid)by S.H.O.K.K.7:22
4.Leaving (Instrumental Mix)by Thomas Petersen7:04
5.Niagara (Original Mix)by Claus Backslash7:09
6.Insomnia 2k13 (DJ Gollum Club Remix) (vs. Cary August)by DJ Analyzer4:34
7.Kervansaray (Original Mix)by Photographer8:19
8.Bright Light (Nick The Kid Mix) (and The Nameless Girl)by Nick The Kid7:07
9.Polaris (Original Mix)by Danny V5:54
10.Moondancer (Johan Stone Mix) (and Johan Stone)by Joey V7:23
11.You (Original Mix) (and Chris Collado)by Mario Ayuda7:00

Disk #3

1.Special DJ Mix by Gary D.by Various Artists1:13:59

Disk #4

1.The Rave Hymn (Original Mix)by Matty D6:48
2.Celebrate (DJ M-Zone Remix)by Zhi-Vargo8:50
3.Cyberasylum (Original Hard Trance Mix)by M-Zone8:20
4.Nightmare (Rave Mix)by Rave Invadors6:50
5.Halloween (Original Mix)by Core Creator4:54
6.La Musicaby Stomptronic4:56
7.Listens To Technoby Everybody6:27
8.Bring It Down (Original Mix)by Scanner6:31
9.Rhythm & Drums (UK Hardcore Version) (and DJ Selector-C)by DJ Scott6:15
10.Children Of The Underground (Original Mix)by Matty D7:30
11.Suck My Dick (Core Creator Version) (vs. DJ Nemesis)by Core Creator5:54

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