D.Trance 91 (Incl. D-Techno 48) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

D.Trance 91 (Incl. D-Techno 48)by Various Artists

  • 57 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:00:28


Disk #1

1.Ritmo (Van der Karsten Remix)by The D.Trance Crew5:00
2.CD (Original Mix) (with XiJaro & Pitch)by Matt Bukovski6:13
3.Gregorian Rhapsody (Extended Mix)by BiXX7:40
4.Narco (Extended Mix)by Standerwick4:51
5.Navigator (Original Mix)by Costa Pantazis7:16
6.Alena (Original Mix)by Sergey Salekhov7:07
7.Rise Up (Chris Oblivion Remix)by Jameson Tullar7:03
8.BLISS (Extended Mix)by Talla 2XLC7:27
9.Tempus Fugit (The Abduction)by Lights of Saratoga6:52
10.Your Mind (Extended Mix)by Cosmic Gate7:29
11.The Forest (Extended Mix)by Bas van den Eijken6:36
12.Deep Forces (Original Mix)by Myde5:32

Disk #2

1.Esseker (Platinum Mix)by Costa Pantazis6:43
2.Infiltration (Ural Trance Alliance Anthem) (and Inviron)by Tycoos6:58
3.Infinite (Extended Mix) (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara4:13
4.Desolationby Tau-Rine6:37
5.Delicious (Nicholson's Tidy Two Remix)by Bush Babies7:05
6.Hello! (Extended Mix)by Robert Nickson6:28
7.Rebirth (Extended Mix)by BiXX7:17
8.In The Shadows (Original Mix)by Smallow6:10
9.Desert Diamond (Original Mix)by Waft of Myst6:40
10.Punkstars (Extended Mix) (and Arctic Moon)by RAM7:00
11.Fairy Tale (Dub Mix) (and Alaera)by Sandro Mireno5:15
12.Right In The Night (Nicholson Extended Remix) (feat. Plavka)by Jam & Spoon8:22

Disk #3

1.Your Mindby Cosmic Gate6:55
2.Infiltration (and Inviron)by Tycoos5:19
3.Infinite (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara2:38
4.Gregorian Rhapsodyby BiXX5:38
5.Hello!by Robert Nickson4:38
6.Punkstars (and Arctic Moon)by RAM4:38
7.CD (with XiJaro & Pitch)by Matt Bukovski4:17
8.Right In The Night (Nicholson Extended Remix) (feat. Plavka)by Jam & Spoon7:25
9.Rebirthby BiXX5:50
10.BLISSby Talla 2XLC4:02
11.Desolationby Tau-Rine5:02
12.Ritmo (van der Karsten Remix)by D.Trance Crew3:02
13.Narcoby Standerwick4:17
14.Deep Forcesby Myde4:13

Disk #4

1.Danger Zoneby Salvation4:26
2.War Is Comingby D-Devils4:48
3.Unfortunate Weaponby The Chemicals4:12
4.Lose It All (Extended Mix) (feat. Jake Reese)by Brennan Heart3:58
5.YRML 2K20 (feat. D. Sonar & JDJ)by The Prophet4:05
6.Pullin' Over (Extended Mix)by Pherato3:44
7.Lucky You (Synthsoldier Remix)by Geck-o4:50
8.Battle Of Kings (Extended Mix)by Griever4:02
9.Shredderby Audiofreq3:34
10.Vagabundo (Original Mix)by Kairos3:40
11.Like A Phoenix (and Stargazer)by Eternate3:28
12.Stamp On Itby Delius3:28
13.Rogue (with Frenetic, LUX3L & Inv4der)by Shamanz4:09
14.End Of Timeby Bmberjck4:19
15.Ain't None Leftby Effused2:53
16.Eternal Lightby Shockwave3:02
17.Oldschool Vibez (Extended Version)by Dark Rehab4:40
18.Crisis (Original Mix)by Crossfight3:49
19.Acid Is Alright (Pro Mix)by DJ Thera3:33