Dance Classics, Volume 53 & 54 by Various Artists

Dance Classics, Volume 53 & 54

by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:24:22


Disk #1

1.Can You Feel the Force (12 Inch version)by The Real Thing7:38
2.Take Your Time (Do It Right) (12 Inch version)by The S.O.S. Band7:38
3.You Gave Me Love (extended version)by Crown Heights Affair5:53
4.Let's Get Serious (12 Inch version)by Jermaine Jackson7:57
5.Dangerous (remix)by Penny Ford6:29
6.Love Is Just the Game (extended version)by Peter Brown7:00
7.I Wouldn't Lie (12 Inch version)by Yarbrough & Peoples7:04
8.Stone Love (club remix)by Kool & The Gang5:24
9.Tell Me How It Feelsby 52nd Street7:16
10.Once in a Lifetime Groove (extended version)by New Edition6:49
11.Cry Like a Wolf (extended vocal mix)by R.J.'s Latest Arrival5:49

Disk #2

1.Let the Music Take Control (House mix)by J.M. Silk6:11
2.Let the Night Take the Blame (extended version)by Lorraine McKane5:08
3.Shot in the Dark (extended version)by Norma Jean5:13
4.Gotta Get You Home Tonight (12 Inch vocal version)by Eugene Wilde5:19
5.Feel the Need (extended version)by Forrest8:44
6.What's Your Name (extended mix)by Zinno6:26
7.Shake (extended version)by GQ4:59
8.What I Like (extended mix)by Anthony & The Camp6:37
9.Pink Cadillac (club vocal mix)by Natalie Cole6:52
10.Yes We Can Can (extended version)by Alyson Williams7:16
11.Tease Me (Arthur Baker vocal mix)by Junie Morrison6:40

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