Dance Parade Spring by Various Artists

Dance Parade Spring

by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:20:35


1.Love Me Like You Do (R.P. Mix)by Sarah5:02
2.I'm an Albatraoz (Pier Mix)by DJ Space'C3:08
3.Lips Are Movin (The Factory Team Dance Remix)by MC Ya3:30
4.Thinking out Loud (A.R. Remix)by DJ Space'C5:09
5.Take Me to Church (132 BPM)by Karma5:30
6.Uptown Funk (128 BPM Workout Remix)by Plaza People5:03
7.Real Love (R.P. Mix) (and Angelica)by Heartclub4:38
8.Time of Our Lives (A.R. Mix)by MC Boy5:15
9.Masterpiece (A.R. Mix)by Viva5:04
10.Faded (B Mix)by Maya4:38
11.Goodbye Friend (R.P. Mix)by D'Mixmasters4:38
12.Believer (132 BPM) (and The Twins)by DJ Space'C4:25
13.Night Changes (R.P. Mix)by Boyz Boyz Boyz4:48
14.U Sure Do (130 BPM) (and Hollywood Blvd)by D-Vice5:35
15.Burnin Up (128 BPM) (and MC Paul)by MC Ya5:06
16.Chandelier (128 BPM Workout Remix)by Hellen4:49
17.Heroes (We Could Be) (128 BPM Workout Remix)by DJ Space'C4:51
18.Animals (A.R. Mix)by Housecream3:58
19.Outside (128 BPM Workout Remix)by DJ Space'C4:40
20.Dangerous (Remix) (and DJ Summerboy)by DJ Space'C3:45
21.The Days (Remix)by D'Mixmasters5:53
22.Geronimo (Team Remix)by D'Mixmasters4:34
23.Break the Rules (B Remix)by D'Mixmasters4:19
24.Delirious (128 BPM) (and MC Joe)by D'Mixmasters4:49
25.Maps (128 BPM Workout Remix)by D'Mixmasters4:18
26.Blame (128 BPM Workout Remix) (vs. DJ Space'C & DJ Summerboy)by D'Mixmasters4:51
27.All About That Bass (134 BPM)by D'Mixmasters4:09
28.Lovers on the Sun (B Remix) (and DJ Space'C)by D'Mixmasters4:26
29.Break Free (130 BPM Workout Remix)by Housecream4:54
30.Fireball (128 BPM Workout Remix) (and Balneario Team)by D'Mixmasters4:50