Danish Electro, Vol. 02 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Danish Electro, Vol. 02by Various Artists

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:07:17


1.Resistance (Limited version)by ManMindMachine4:31
2.Blood on the Floorby Lights of Euphoria3:36
3.Pink Noise (2016 version)by Neotek4:22
4.Gaytruckerlovemeatbellyrubnonstopby Klutæ2:52
5.Fall for Me (Ales edit)by Monospore4:53
6.Portpolioby Orpin Own2:16
7.Don't Scream at Me (DWB edit)by Leæther Strip5:20
8.Vengeanceby Bionic Bitch2:48
9.Slaveby Negant3:20
10.I Only Care About the End (Inner Mission)by Hitchcock Violins4:31
11.Hi5 (ManMindMachineMix)by MachineSoldier3:45
12.As Far as the Eye Can See (remix)by Sadomancer4:08
13.Der Technikerby Nicht+Mehr3:39
14.De Padderby Fleisch&Waffeln3:46
15.Pink Fluffy Chemtrailsby Xenofobulus4:44
16.Rumor Controlby Altarian Project5:14
17.The Slaughter (and Larsen)by Mirland3:32