Dante's Purgatorio: The Divine Comedy, Part II mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dante's Purgatorio: The Divine Comedy, Part IIby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:03:13


Disk #1

1.Dreamscapes (Intro)by Simon Says2:20
2.Entre deux rivesby Nemo7:08
3.Canto IIby KBridge15:36
4.Canto 3by Ozone Player5:29
5.Ascenso tortuosoby Raimundo Rodulfo5:39
6.X for Vby TenMidnight6:30
7.Polheimby SoulenginE7:06
8.The Valley of Kingsby Willowglass6:01
9.Maelstromby Atlantis 10016:42

Disk #2

1....e dopo nulla fu più lo stessoby Contrappunto Project5:33
2.Oh Silly Prideby Sophya Baccini5:02
3.The Scheme Goes Onby Nexus8:22
4.Canto XIIby Nuova era6:39
5.Impressionsby Survival9:53
6....Onde vi batte chi tutto discerneby Little Tragedies5:51
7.Muove il vento i miei capelliby Armalite8:02
8.Strange Cloudby Phideaux7:33
9.The Stream of Hopeby Tommy Eriksson5:07

Disk #3

1.Luna (Canto XVIII)by Entrance7:58
2.Avarice Atonedby Maxwell's Demon7:04
3.The Verse Continuesby RAK5:47
4.Canto XXIby Colossus Project8:33
5.Honey & Locustsby Matthijs Herder7:15
6.Is This the Price for the Redemption?by Mad Crayon6:14
7.A varázs fa alattby Tabula Smaragdina5:55
8.Purgatorio Canto XXVby Blank Manuskript9:04
9.Som de la Scalinaby Lady Lake7:02

Disk #4

1.Tie autuuteen (A Road to Rapture)by Groovector7:36
2.Matelda's Songby Mist Season5:23
3.By the Bank of the Riverby Flamborough Head5:40
4.Félútonby Yesterdays6:03
5.Canto XXXIby B6126:47
6.Juicio finalby Equilibrio Vital8:30
7.Purgatorio XXXIIIby Jinetes Negros7:03
8.Elohé Sebaot (Outro)by Simon Says3:21
9.Purgatorioby Pasini & Ragozza3:25