Dark Dead Earth by Runemagick

Dark Dead Earth

by Runemagick

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:24:32


Disk #1

1.All The Horizons End8:01
2.The Black Wall4:14
3.When Death Is The Key4:29
4.For You, My Death3:52
5.Curse Of The Dark Rune3:21
6.Nocturnal Creation4:58
7.The Supreme Force4:37
8.Sign Of Eternity ( Part II )2:49
9.Hymn Of Darkness (Intro)0:58
10.Enter The Realm Of Death6:09
11.Longing For Hades5:01
12.Dwellers Beyond Obscurity5:08
13.Abyss Of Desolation5:20
14.Beyond (The Horizons End)6:33
15.Dethrone The Flesh4:33
16.The Portal Of Doom1:31
17.Dreamvoid Serpent3:56

Disk #2

1.The Call Of Tombs5:53
2.Lightworld Damnation4:05
3.Dark Necroshades4:53
4.The Malicious Paradise4:02
5.Resurrection Of The Dark Lord (Intro)0:30
6.Reborn In Necromancy5:15
7.Death Collector3:57
8.Dark Dead Earth4:54
9.Lord Of The Grave5:54
10.Choir Of Hades (Intro)0:31
11.Resurrection In Blood6:47
12.Hail Death4:34
13.Dominion Of The Necrogods5:09
15.The Gates Of Hades (Intro)0:55
16.Return Of The Reaper4:15
17.Celebration Of Death (Outro)1:18