Das Relikt mp3 Album by Depression
  • 46 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:53:35


Disk #1

1.Tuus In Aeternum (Intro)1:17
2.Final Journey2:35
3.Dreadful Crimes2:23
4.The Exorcist1:33
5.Slowly Passing Timeless Horrors4:05
6.Threatening Precipice2:04
7.At The End1:45
8.Mortal Runs0:47
9.Forgotten Worlds3:42
10.Sacred Vomit0:31
11.Mortal Agony3:31
12.Defy Your Master2:09
13.Submit To Mutilation3:00
14.Imious Lands2:05
16.Unreal Relations3:31
17.Knee Deep In Rancid Bowels1:06
18.Legions Of Scorn1:40
19.In Desperation4:10
20.Vale Of Tears2:31
21.Witching Hour1:35
22.Curses Res Negotium (Outro)1:34
23.Underestimation [Defecation Cover] [Bonus Track]2:15
24.Depression, Part Ii [Bonus Track]8:28

Disk #2

1.Tuus In Aeternum1:17
2.Final Journey2:26
3.Dreadful Crimes2:15
4.The Exorcist1:37
5.Slowly Passing Timeless Horrors3:56
6.Threatening Precipice2:02
7.At The End...2:31
8.Mortal Runs0:47
9.Forgotten Worlds4:03
10.Sacred Vomit0:24
11.Mortal Agony3:42
12.Defy Your Master1:54
13.Submit To Mutilation3:42
14.Imious Lands2:10
16.Unreal Relations2:59
17.Knee Deep In Rancid Bowels1:03
18.Legions Of Scorn1:32
19....In Desperation.3:50
20.Vale Of Tears2:19
21.Witching Hour1:31
22.Curses Res Negotium1:31