Deep Fry: Best of Deep House 2017 by Various Artists

Deep Fry: Best of Deep House 2017

by Various Artists

  • 73 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:16:07


1.Give Me Your Lightby Ilya Phoenix4:32
2.Turn Me Offby Historus6:43
3.Algorithmby Barashkov Alexandr6:18
4.Homeby Qarlo5:34
5.Roll (Vocal Mix)by We Funk7:03
6.Libertyby Gabriele Chiri5:38
7.Makes Me Feel (Club Mix)by Marmari Beach5:23
8.Makes Me Feel (Radio Edit)by Marmari Beach3:47
9.I Need You (Anstandslos & Durchgeknallt Remix)by Melloton5:12
10.Run (Kettenreaktion Remix) (feat. Reed)by Thomas K6:33
11.4 Wallsby Ceau55:03
12.Sleeping Beautyby Another Nelson3:31
13.Into the Sunlightby Cyril Caps5:31
14.Alma Negraby Akola6:00
15.Wwbw (Extended Mix) (and Phil Giava feat. Branko)by The Shrink Reloaded4:56
16.Let the Music Tell It (Thamza Remix) (feat. Ejaye)by Tinyi Mohl6:43
17.Are You Ready for the Show (Deep House Instrumental Beat Extended Mix)by DJ Rusty Razorblade1:00
18.On the Deep (DJ Eef Remix)by Jean Deep6:34
19.One Day (MN Deep House Mix Instrumental)by Maxim Novitskiy8:53
20.Closest to Me (feat. Marco Semedo)by Sylva Drums6:00
21.Be Mine (Extended Mix)by Dshyll6:02
22.Whisper a Deep Secret (Nick AG Remix)by Alche Beat5:45
23.Feeling's Rightby Dwwpwr8:40
24.Dusty Roadby Xplore8:27
25.No Cryby Geo Daft4:24
26.Sweet Passageby Pullsometro7:42
27.Call My Think (Radio Version) (and Gianni de Santis)by Ted Peters3:38
28.Airy Fairyby Fabian Super6:04
29.Me and Iby Riga Alkmaar8:46
30.Outsideby Ayesha Pramanik5:51
31.Swimming in the Ocean (Beachhouse Mix)by Secret Ibiza7:18
32.Blue Planetby Jean Deep6:00
33.W.E.N.Dby Herwell's Callan4:24
34.Exsiliumby David Eye7:00
35.Forest of Fantasyby Buurman van Dalen5:53
36.Deepbus Stationby Jos Lang6:10
37.Please (and Housebrute)by Joe Impero4:45
38.Summer in My Town (Extended Mix)by MC Duro3:39
39.Rhythm Rhodesby Vykvet6:34
40.Hold Onby DJ Spitjo5:12
41.Lovely Night Clubby Jason B3:19
42.Brodec (and Philip Ackowsky)by Nikifor8:55
43.Dixteriaby I52DJ3:08
44.Burn This Club Tonight (KC Nightline Remix)by Thomas Daub3:48
45.Flow Deepby Showa7:33
46.I Feel You (David Jay Remix) (and Tymers feat. Luny)by Simon Sim's4:56
47.In My Brainby VTL7:57
48.I Dont't Know Whyby Alvi L5:23
49.Orangeby Maveric6:21
50.Hit Itby Lsdave4:34
51.No Lo Seby Pulse Nation Project6:38
52.Echolonby Kalitos5:23
53.Toolfunk037-1by Laura Auer5:40
54.Toolfunk037-2by Thommy Fusion7:19
55.Feiner im Umlautby Grube & Einwald6:58
56.On the Wallsby BONDI7:42
57.Deep Dreamby Stil & Bense7:49
58.Panalby Juvenal Vzqeez5:55
59.Baselby Sokool7:14
60.Summer Isn't Over (feat. Bodhi Jones)by Wyatt Ocean3:29
61.Happy Faces (Ferrochrome Mix) (feat. Inma Fonal)by Kuchinke & Bayer5:34
62.Miss Youby Fareed M6:50
63.Funny Reasonsby Stube7:21
64.Back and Forthby Matthew Cornell5:54
65.Another Dayby Nando Fortunato6:49
66.The Trail (Party Mix)by Skillshuut8:36
67.Sorryby Serge Legran5:02
68.Pulsating (Morning Sun Mix)by Ron Ractive5:40
69.No Permission (feat. Coflo)by Big Leaf6:29
70.Happy Faces (Francesco Capuano & Addario Remix) (feat. Inma Fonal)by Kuchinke & Bayer6:33
71.Blue Motorcycle (Cruising Along The Coast Mix)by Pure White6:02
72.Lounge Entranceby Massimo Gentile6:18
73.Aboveby Not for Me5:50