Deep-House Weekender, Vol. 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Deep-House Weekender, Vol. 1by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:15:29


1.Zurich Night Dreamby Will Todd2:48
2.I Go Back One More Timeby Modell & Mercier3:40
3.Melomaniaby Susan Grat3:48
4.Stay With Usby David Rimmell2:56
5.In The Sunshine (Monroe & Johnson Mix)by Anthony Galvano2:40
6.Unrealby Sebstian Sunford2:51
7.Particular Legacyby Victor King3:34
8.Dance After The Sunsetby Anthony Sax3:10
9.What A Manby Nomura Taio4:22
10.Always Alert (Nu House Mix)by Carl Kissinger3:37
11.Lounge And Relaxby Robert Correra3:31
12.Refer Da Miby Sander Loveland3:31
13.Downspaceby Alaina Terta3:11
14.Through The Bar Lineby Chada3:05
15.Gold Mineby Ay Em4:14
16.Elettro Love (Deep Reef Mix)by David Ayres3:08
17.Without Wordsby Andrew Pascal3:16
18.Follow The Trackby David Romero3:16
19.Indy Goby Philip Grant4:24
20.Ride In The Desertby Don Major3:38
21.Drooling Diablo (Le Blanque Mix)by Jaque Lee3:09
22.Ho Dancer (feat. Corinna Barclays)by Sander Dee4:24
23.Seven Up Confusion (Vocal Deep Mix)by Delirious Bird2:46
24.Difficult Journeyby Anikandro Santapopulos3:37
25.No Hands (Blue Sky Deep Mix)by Jonathan Baker3:00
26.Don't Take It Awayby Hasty Lullaby3:44
27.Pink Commentby Paul Perez3:09
28.Wake Up Guyby W.U.G.3:30
29.Move Your Hair (Pascal Groove's Mix)by Chia Pets3:07
30.Defoe Tooby Jacob Falcon3:50
31.Troika (Rising House Mix)by Dynasty Spectacle3:17
32.Ride The Windby Lasse Kjeldsen3:08
33.Winterby Corey Drake Junior2:57
34.Grooving (Night Soul Mix)by Harley Johnson3:15
35.Black Jokerby Michael Flexton3:40
36.Slipping Week (Stereo Deep Mix)by Exotic Twilight2:53
37.Hot Consulting (Aetheric Mix)by Fader Of Cruise3:09
38.In The Pool (Deep Side Mix)by Desk Of Scarred3:09
39.Bullet Time (Master Vix's Grand Mix)by Inside Timeline3:07
40.Helpingby Antoine Lacroix3:58