Deep Magic Waters, Volume Three mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Deep Magic Waters, Volume Threeby Various Artists

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:08:58


1.Raumbadby Jack Pattern7:04
2.It's So... (Aki Bergen Instrumental)by Omar10:16
3.Awakening of the Sun (Jussi Pekka Remixby Kolokol Production8:59
4.Anything (and Urban Absolutes)by Paskal5:21
5.Last Breath Before the Diveby Dave Pad8:34
6.Wait in Vain (Zusammenklang Remix)by Inkfish8:20
7.The Man With Lazy Eyesby Mass Digital5:11
8.Lonelyby Madutec7:19
9.Walking Downby Damian Hernandez6:40
10.Reliefby Audiokonstrukte5:30
11.Far Awayby Lessovsky6:19
12.Sunday Eveningby Telmo7:38
13.Delicious Girlby Higinio6:39
14.Dancing With the Sleepy Headsby Ariane Blank7:40
15.Deeping (The Messenger Other Way Mix)by iMotion7:44
16.Onby Deephope6:23
17.Magic Poolby Club Camarillo5:54
18.Togetherby Tobias Baumgart3:57
19.Langage Machine (Paradice Remix)by Phuko9:27
20.Loving (Dub)by Rodrigo Soria9:15
21.Lost Friendsby The Messenger5:58
22.Time Flies Like a Ghostby Ion8:04
23.Lounge Ravingby Narc5:30
24.Open Lips (and GVK)by Adam Stolz5:58
25.Soul Moon (and The Banister Soul)by DJ Da7:09
26.Murmuring Hearts (and Nasrawi)by Dimitry Liss6:06
27.We've Got Some Karmine Rosciano6:03

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