Deep Ska: 80 Original Ska Classics mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Deep Ska: 80 Original Ska Classicsby Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:44:48


Disk #1

1.Rough and Toughby Stranger Cole3:01
2.Lat in Goes Skaby The Skatalites3:03
3.Penny Reelby Eric "Monty" Morris2:30
4.Strolling Inby Tommy McCook & The Skatalites2:26
5.Carry Go Bring Homeby Justin Hinds & The Dominoes2:46
6.Yard Broomby Roland Alphonso3:13
7.Really Nowby The Dreamlets2:25
8.Corner Stoneby Don Drummond2:31
9.Rukumbineby Shenley Duffus2:43
10.Rude Boyby The Duke Reid Group2:45
11.Open The Doorby Clive & Naomi2:10
12.Musical Communionby Baba Brooks3:03
13.Corner Stoneby Justin Hinds & The Dominoes2:26
14.Duck Soupby Drumbago All Stars2:39
15.Next Door Neighborby Owen & Leon Silvera2:29
16.Lucky Sevenby The Skatalites2:52
17.When I Callby Stranger & Patsy3:16
18.Inez (and Tommy McCook)by Lester Sterling3:16
19.Night Food (vs. Baba Brooks & Drumbago)by Duke Reid2:48
20.Eastern Standard Timeby Don Drummond3:07

Disk #2

1.Twelve Minutes to Goby The Skatalites3:04
2.Housewife's Choiceby Derrick & Patsy2:40
3.Silver Dollarby Tommy McCook & The Skatalites2:56
4.Here I Standby Justin Hinds & The Dominoes2:28
5.Burning Torchby Don Drummond2:58
6.Samson (and Baba Brooks)by Eric "Monty" Morris2:35
7.Feeling Fineby Roland Alphonso2:56
8.Dearest (feat. Don Drummond)by Dottie and Bunny2:30
9.River Bankby Baba Brooks2:11
10.We're Rollingby Stranger Cole2:27
11.River Bank, Part 2by Baba Brooks2:55
12.You Are Mineby Clive & Naomi2:05
13.Duke's Cookiesby The Duke Reid Group2:27
14.Botherationby Justin Hinds & The Dominoes2:11
15.Magicby Tommy McCook & The Skatalites2:36
16.Hog in Cocoaby Stranger & Patsy2:19
17.Sandy Gullyby Roland Alphonso2:48
18.Foul Playby Dottie and Bunny2:45
19.Dan De Lionby Don Drummond2:07
20.Woman a Comeby Margarita3:11

Disk #3

1.The Higher the Monkey Climbsby Justin Hinds & The Dominoes3:00
2.Street Cornerby The Skatalites3:03
3.Run Joe (vs. The Techniques & Baba Brooks)by Stranger Cole2:29
4.James Bondby Roland Alphonso3:05
5.The Sun Risesby Dottie and Bunny2:30
6.Apangaby Don Dummond2:55
7.What a Man Doeth (and The Duke Reid Group)by Eric "Monty" Morris2:34
8.The Clockby Baba Brooks2:41
9.Bangarang (and Stranger Cole)by Lester Sterling2:43
10.Musical Store Roomby Tommy McCook2:24
11.Hey, Hey Babyby Stranger & Patsy3:04
12.Dr. Decker (and Don Dummond)by Baba Brooks2:51
13.Over the Riverby Justin Hinds & The Dominoes2:22
14.What Makes Honeyby The Duke Reid Group3:10
15.Prisoner of Alcatrazby The Pyramids2:59
16.You Can Depend on Meby Roland Alphonso2:44
17.John Jamesby Toots & The Maytals2:04
18.Luke Lane Shuffleby The Rico Rodriguez All-Stars4:15
19.Oh Carolinaby Byron Lee & The Dragonaires2:17
20.Independence Anniversary Skaby The Skatalites4:03

Disk #4

1.Blackberry Brandyby Roland Alphonso2:47
2.Guns of Navaroneby Blue Rivers & The Maroons3:18
3.Occupationby Don Dummond2:57
4.Jordan River (vs. Baba Brooks & Drumbago)by Justin Hinds2:49
5.Green Islandby The Skatalites4:01
6.Monkey Manby Toots & The Maytals3:44
7.Cotton Treeby Tommy McCook3:04
8.Everything Crashby The Ethiopians2:38
9.Twilight Zoneby Baba Brooks2:53
10.Oh Mamaby Nora Dean2:17
11.Jokerby The Duke Reid Group3:08
12.Jesse James Rides Againby The Pyramids2:32
13.The Tide Is Highby John Holt2:44
14.The Ska Is the Limitby Laurel Aitken2:40
15.54-46 That's My Numberby Toots & The Maytals3:10
16.Bridge View Shuffleby The Rico Rodriguez All-Stars3:59
17.Somebody's Babyby Pat Kelly3:04
18.Shotgunby The Pyramids2:29
19.Thoroughfareby Don Dummond3:00
20.007by Desmond Dekker & The Aces2:43

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