Déepalma Ibiza 2017 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Déepalma Ibiza 2017by Various Artists

  • 45 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:56:45


1.City Lights (original mix) (and Stage Rockers)by JazzyFunk5:10
2.Sweet Summer Sins (feat. Mougleta) (Touch & Go remix)by Juloboy5:09
3.Let It Move U (original mix)by Dark Matter5:12
4.Blind (original mix)by Dayne S5:56
5.Casiotone 401 (Dave DK edit)by Aaron Ahrends6:04
6.Torrox (original mix)by Coeo8:53
7.Chances (feat. Rescue Poetix) (Divided Souls & Samuri remix)by Miss Luna6:21
8.Time (original mix)by Nebu Mitte6:34
9.Leaving Traces (feat. Holy) (original mix)by Roma Moss5:28
10.Black Queen (feat. Nia Martin) (original mix)by Giangi Cappai6:56
11.I Don't Think About You (original mix)by Jan Blomqvist7:11
12.Kalimba (original mix)by Joeski6:22
13.Hundred Lives (Keyano remix)by Holter & Mogyoro6:40
14.Thoughtful (original mix)by Lexer6:48
15.Right On (original mix)by Yves Murasca6:54
16.Gravel And Trees (Einmusik remix)by Eating Snow7:17
17.Ella (original mix)by Sascha Braemer7:41
18.Purple Magic (original mix)by Taron-Trekka7:04
19.Selva Del Mar (feat. Raul Altamar) (original mix) (and KEENE)by Robosonic8:12
20.Beside You (Dario D'attis remix)by Sous Sol6:57
21.Andranik (Gorge & Homm remix)by Darius Syrossian8:47
22.Spit On You (Dousk's Lovermix)by Kyo Koichii6:55
23.Fall Behind (original mix)by Ben Ashton5:42
24.Tank Drop (original mix)by Purple Disco Machine7:29
25.Tanza (original mix) (and Sascha Braemer)by Nicone7:35
26.The Talking Machine (original mix)by Superlover7:06
27.Okay! (original mix)by Rosario Galati6:51
28.I Like That (Rob Made remix)by Shibumi5:29
29.Deliver Me (Mat.Joe remix)by Kydus7:17
30.Plastic Man (Doorly remix)by Armitage6:41
31.Game Changer (original mix)by Nothing But Funk6:41
32.Bandit Fonk (original mix) (and Kobe)by Wise D7:21
33.Right On (Juloboy remix)by Yves Murasca6:20
34.Sweet Summer Sins (feat. Mougleta) (original mix)by Juloboy5:22
35.No Turning Back (feat. Mary SK) (original mix)by Tosel & Hale6:28
36.Rhythm Of My Love (feat. Hannah K) (Groovemaster K & Stefan Meetz Re-Vibe)by Distant People6:06
37.Central Park (feat. Damon Trueitt) (Da Sunlounge remix)by Rony Breaker6:42
38.Mad Man In A Haze (original mix)by Chasing Kurt5:34
39.Last Dance (Karol XVII & Mb Valence Loco remix)by Giom7:35
40.Deep In My Chest (Yves Murasca Deeper mix)by Rosario Galati6:39
41.Paradise (vs. Slipenberg feat. Max Vertigo) (radio mix)by Max Lyazgin2:55
42.Will You Be Gone (feat. Jenniffer Kae) (Saccao & Namatria remix)by Lissat & Voltaxx7:48
43.Your Love (feat. Nuwella) (Pretty Pink remix)by Loui & Scibi5:07
44.Le Voyage (original mix)by Kellerkind6:27
45.We Were Wild Once (feat. Farewell Dear Ghost) (extended mix)by Holter & Mogyoro6:59

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