Deepalma presents Most Loved 2018 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Deepalma presents Most Loved 2018by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:03:13


Disk #1

1.Take Me Away (Original Mix)by Meines & Lenny5:48
2.Finally (Dayne S Deep Mix) (and Jalana)by Sweed6:16
3.Dan Dale (Original Mix)by Keyano7:09
4.Summer Vibes (Original Mix) (and Mogyoro)by Holter6:28
5.Don't Give It Up (Full Intention Remix)by Dj Hal5:27
6.Rhythm Of My Love (Angelo Ferreri Vocal Mix) (and Hannah K.)by Distant People5:05
7.Move On (Original Mix) (and Max Freeze feat. Vika Tendery)by No Hopes5:57
8.Back From The Stars (Cassimm Remix) (and Nia Martin)by David Caballero6:22
9.Carry On (Sonic Future Remix) (and Yves Murasca)by Rosario Galati6:40
10.Kalura (Original Mix) (and Yves Murasca)by Rosario Galati6:30
11.Save Me (The Ger-Man Remix)by Andre Rizo5:00
12.Don't Look Back (Ben Delay Extended Instrumental Remix)by Juloboy5:51
13.You're Gone (Original Mix)by Suonaré6:23
14.No Turning Back (Original Mix) (and Mary S.K.)by Tosel & Hale6:28
15.You Give Me Something (Extended Mix)by Ben Delay6:26

Disk #2

1.Let It Go (Original Mix) (and John Vermont)by Arco6:06
2.Second Chance (Original Mix) (and Maria Estrella)by Velker6:24
3.Beautiful Dream (Original Mix)by Mike D' Jais5:24
4.Who Am I (Sebb Junior Remix) (and Alec Sun Drae)by Loui & Scibi6:13
5.In The Sky (Original Mix)by Yalown5:04
6.Right On (Monoteq & Grisha Gerrus Remix)by Yves Murasca5:35
7.Belief (Original Mix) (and Kataa)by Valentin Ilie5:53
8.Get It On (Saison Remix)by Vanilla Ace6:10
9.Kouma (Original Mix)by Nyers5:33
10.A Sex Thing (Original Mix)by Sllash & Doppe6:06
11.Elegija (Original Mix)by Nebs Jack7:25
12.Sonsondergang (Dark Matter Remix)by Ucha6:32
13.In A Mood (Original Mix)by Shiloff5:03
14.Acrobata (Original Mix)by Trecut7:07
15.Lakes (Original Mix) (and Inaki G)by Augusto Gagliardi6:48