Deepsound by Out Out
  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:34:38


1.It's Not Innocuous3:52
2.Is Today The Day4:10
3.Deep Sound3:37
4.Kick Back6:12
5.Desi Wun Fi5:04
6.Amplitude Modulation4:27
7.Empty Handed4:00
8.Stripped Right Down4:04
9.Stop On A Dime6:21
10.The Body No Fear5:30
11.Found In The Weeds3:51
12.What. Is. This. Place. Here.4:12
13.C M Y K3:37
14.Darpa Robotics Challenge6:12
15.Polar Flare5:04
16.Broadcast Interruption4:27
17.Stochastic Approach4:00
18.Dandy Tandem4:04
19.Van Hoen6:21
20.My Drone Is A Telescopic Aircraft5:33