Defected In the House: Goa '09 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Defected In the House: Goa '09by Various Artists

  • 45 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:35:41


1.Journey To The Sun (Dennis Ferrer Remix) (Edit)by Joey Negro and The Sunburst Band4:11
2.How Do I Let Go (feat. K.T. Brooks) (Charles Webster's Club Mix)by Dennis Ferrer8:08
3.Whatcha Gonna Do (feat. Margaret Grace) (Claude Monnet & Torre Main Mix)by Teddy Douglas7:10
4.Revival (DJ Spen's Soulectric Remix)by Klement Bonelli7:02
5.Lifting (feat. Shena) (Sunrise Dub)by Warren Clarke7:17
6.This Way (Hideo Kobayashi Remix) (Edit)by Hollis P Monroe4:00
7.Sun Will Shine (feat. Yasmeen Sulieman) (Original Mix)by Studio Apartment7:54
8.Lets Groove (Original Mix)by George Morel6:57
9.Its Yours (feat. E-man) (David Penn Vocal Mix)by Jon Cutler6:25
10.Whohaddrums (Edit)by Chocolate Puma4:07
11.Its So Easy (and The Muthafunkaz feat. Ann Nesby) (Jamie Lewis Darkroom Vocal Mix)by DJ Spen7:26
12.Morning Rain (Wake Up Call Mix)by Chocolate Puma6:34
13.Underlying Feeling (Sted E & Hybrid Heights Dub Mix)by Sylvia Tosun5:50
14.Glad I Found You feat. Louie Balo & Yasmeen (Scott Wozniak Remix)by DJ Gomi8:10
15.Juss A Beat (Original Mix)by ATFC6:56
16.Praise To The JBs (Original Mix)by ATFC6:28
17.Bad Habit feat. Lisa Millett (ATFCs Lektrotek Re-Visit)by ATFC9:41
18.I Begin To Wonder 2008 (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)by Jean Claude Ades9:00
19.Let It Go (feat. Cathy Battistessa) (Jovonns Next Moov UK Mix)by Afterlife6:59
20.Diamond Life (and Jay 'Sinister' Sealeé feat. Julie McKnight) (Copyright Diamond Tribe Mix)by "Little" Louie Vega4:51
21.Cant Stop feat. Jason Walker (Joey Negro Dub Mix)by Quentin Harris6:47
22.Wondrous (feat. SuSu) Bobien (David Penn Remix) (and Jay Benham)by Danny Clark7:21
23.My Joy (feat. Margaret Grace) (Harry Choo Choo Romero Remix)by Quentin Harris8:37
24.Block Party (Original Mix) (and Ned Shepard)by Sultan9:05
25.Swoosh (Kaiserdisco Remix)by Phunklarique & Pierce6:34
26.Minimalize (Original Mix) (and Anil Chawla)by Dale Anderson6:58
27.Galactica (Jimpster Remix)by Tam Cooper7:19
28.El Zoomah (Pierre J Remix)by Uberfett7:20
29.Chime (Henrik B Remix)by The Shapeshifters9:17
30.My Reflection (feat. Divine Essence) (DJ Gregory Remix)by Osunlade6:18
31.In The Sun (feat. Angela Johnson) (Club Mix)by Reel People7:08
32.Music Talking (Original Mix) (and The Montanas)by Roland Clark8:13
33.Mommas Groove (Original Mix)by Osunlade7:41
34.Touch Me (Original Mix) (and Bingo Players)by Chocolate Puma6:46
35.This Here Is House Muzik (Mike Dunn Main Vocal Mixx) (and The MD X-Spress)by Mike Dunn5:51
36.What Is House (Club Mix) (and Rober Gaez)by David Penn6:32
37.Splinter In Your Mind (Original Mix)by DJ Phenix8:53
38.Let Me Love You (DJ Gregory Remix) (Full Length)by Bunny Mack9:05
39.Spirit Calling (Original Mix)by M9:01
40.Reach Out For Love (Original Mix)by Marc Evans6:35
41.Serenity (feat. Marc Evans) (Original Mix)by Studio Apartment7:05
42.Second Wave (Original Mix)by Rise Ashen6:21
43.Defected In The House - Goa 09 Mixed by Simon Dunmoreby Various Artists1:03:46
44.Defected In The House - Goa 09 Mixed by ATFCby Various Artists1:13:37
45.Defected In The House - Goa 09 Mixed by Pearlby Various Artists1:18:25