Defected In The House: Ibiza 2016 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Defected In The House: Ibiza 2016by Various Artists

  • 49 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:45:32


1.Defected in the House Ibiza 2016 Mix 1 (original mix)by Various Artists1:06:33
2.Defected in the House Ibiza 2016 Mix 2 (original mix)by Various Artists1:10:25
3.Defected in the House Ibiza 2016 Mix 3 (original mix)by Various Artists1:12:18
4.In and Out of My Life (Dario D'Attis remix)by Tonja Dantzler8:00
5.A Place in My Heart (original mix) (feat. Kym Mazelle)by Crookers5:18
6.Without You (original mix)by Riva Starr7:26
7.Precious Cargo (vocal mix) (feat. blondewearingblack)by Mr. G7:52
8.Clap Yo Handz (original mix) (feat. E-Man)by Joeski7:20
9.Are You Insane? (original mix)by Enzo Siffredi4:44
10.So Alive (Jamie Lewis Darkroom mix)by Kings of Tomorrow7:11
11.Never Let You Go (original mix) (and Oscar G.)by Ralph Falcon9:10
12.Take U 2 My House (Jimpster remix) (feat. Khalil Anthony)by thatmanmonkz7:07
13.Always There (Norty Cotto Classic mix) (feat. Nathalie Claude)by Soul Minority8:01
14.Isuly (Worthy remix) (and Spencer K.)by Matt Sassari6:22
15.Rulers of the World (original mix)by Will Monotone7:02
16.Say Goodbye (Losoul 'She's Homeless' mix) (feat. Julee Cruise)by Khan6:19
17.Paydirt (original mix) (and Anna Cavazos)by Sam Haas7:00
18.Searching (original mix) (and S-Man feat. Melisa Whiskey)by Harry “Choo Choo” Romero7:06
19.The Warning (Richy Ahmed remix)by Logic6:05
20.The Lucky Ones (original mix)by Gene Farris6:54
21.Soul Power (original mix)by Space Echo7:05
22.When You Hear That Sound (original mix)by Mat.Joe7:16
23.Raw Feel (original mix)by Riva Starr6:14
24.He's Gonna Make It Alright (MD'z original Receipe vocal Mixx) (and The RC Groove Project feat. Ron Carroll)by Mike Dunn8:08
25.Between (original mix)by Nick Curly3:24
26.Believe (original mix) (feat. Kathy Diamond)by Fred Everything5:33
27.Music 4 Me (original mix)by Noir6:24
28.JAS (Beatdown mix)by Tim Deluxe6:39
29.Liquideep (Hector Couto Detroit's remix)by Gaetek6:29
30.Searching (original mix)by Fred Everything5:38
31.Heart Break (original mix)by Terrence Parker7:25
32.Aisha (original mix)by Tommy Bones7:03
33.Los Pueblos (Pablo Fierro remix) (and Javier Bollag)by Pino Arduini6:55
34.Blessings (729 mix)by Dzo7:54
35.Time Tourism (12" version)by OCH7:10
36.In to 5 (original mix)by Wrong Copy5:08
37.What Am I Here For? (KZR's Defected Stripped Down mix)by The Dangerfeel Newbies7:04
38.Hear the Drum (dub mix)by Jackson Brainwave7:21
39.North (original mix) (feat. Sio Blackwidow)by Samuri & Divided Souls6:30
40.Who Is He? (original mix) (feat. Kevin Haden)by Alaia & Gallo5:51
41.What I Do (original mix)by Prunk & Bas Roos5:49
42.Honey (original mix)by Pysh7:25
43.So Near (original mix)by My System Echo6:40
44.Git Yo Hands Up (Burnin' Deeper mix)by ATFC6:23
45.Resist (Southern Divide Weekend remix)by Roland Clark6:45
46.Momma's Groove (original)by Osunlade7:40
47.Let's Freak (Louie Vega remix) (feat. Mr. V & Louie Vega)by SanXero9:15
48.Control (original mix) (feat. Joe Le Groove)by Mark Fanciulli9:50
49.Second Wind (Rise Ashen original mix)by Rise Ashen6:21