Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2014: Survival of the Fittest by Various Artists

Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2014: Survival of the Fittest

by Various Artists

  • 91 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 11:06:20


1.Survival of the Fittest (Defqon.1 Anthem 2014)by Coone6:16
2.The Lightby Noisecult5:27
3.Spaced Out (and DV8 Rocks!)by Deepack3:22
4.This Is Home (and DJ Coone feat. Cimo Fränkel)by Wildstylez4:36
5.Intermissionby Da Tweekaz4:00
6.Journeyby Max Enforcer4:27
7.Just Film It (and Sway)by Frontliner3:28
8.U (Coone remix) (feat. Bo Bruce)by Gareth Emery4:46
9.Let Me Hear Youby F8trix3:41
10.Synergy (and Headhunterz)by TNT5:14
11.Mammoth (Coone remix) (vs. Moguai & Like Mike)by Dimitri Vegas3:12
12.Wide Awake (Eos mix) (and Shanokee)by Brennan Heart3:39
13.Huhby Sephyx4:54
14.Outta My Wayby Brennan Heart3:36
15.Bass Dropsby Hard Driver3:15
16.The Hunt (feat. E-Life)by Ran-D4:07
17.Dirty South (and Hard Driver)by Zany3:21
18.Take It Downby The Anarchist2:58
19.Drunken Masta (feat. Dope D.O.D.)by Psyko Punkz3:06
20.Rocking With the Best (vs. S-Te-Fan & Deepack)by D-Block3:54
21.Bounce & Break (Atmosfearz remix)by Bass Modulators4:05
22.Defqon.1 2014 Mix 1 (Mixed by Coone)by Various Artists1:18:20
23.The Diffrence Between Water and Tearsby Embrionyc5:33
24.Electrogod (and Art of Fighters)by Meccano Twins5:05
25.Der Craft #Tihby Tha Playah4:34
26.Fuck You!by Art of Fighters4:58
27.Rock n Coreby Kyzo3:43
28.Keep on Rocking #Tihby Art of Fighters2:56
29.Invasion #Tihby Xcite & Xcess3:17
30.Tokyo (vs. XIO)by RoughSketch3:34
31.Bring the Beat Back #Tihby Placid K3:18
32.Imagine (Endymion remix)by DJ D4:50
33.Type Zero #Tihby Koozah3:39
34.Apocalypse (and Art of Fighters)by Mad Dog3:41
35.Brainbomb (and Rude Awakening)by N-Vitral5:01
36.Eliminate (and Tommyknocker feat. Jessica Pearson)by Amnesys4:29
37.Drunk & Highby Melodyst3:10
38.Commander (and Catscan)by Re-Style4:28
39.Shock the Audience #Tihby The Stunned Guys3:40
40.Illusions (and Tha Playah)by Ophidian7:35
41.Ressurection (feat. Mello Bondz)by Art of Fighters3:51
42.Rewind #Tihby Mad Dog3:44
43.Time Has Comeby State of Emergency3:57
44.Fractureby Meccano Twins3:11
45.Hands Around My Neckby Unexist & Tieum3:27
46.Coming at You Strong (and Tieum & Rob Gee)by Neophyte4:50
47.Goodbye (See You Next Time)by Art of Fighters2:36
48.Defqon.1 2014 Mix 2 (Mixed by Art of Fighters)by Various Artists1:15:38
49.Cats, Jets and Breaks (and Noisecontrollers)by Wildstylez5:29
50.Purify (and Digital Punk)by B-Front3:30
51.Executeby Zany3:45
52.On the Looseby Crypsis2:43
53.Underground Tacticz (E-Force & Luna remix) (and S-Te-Fan)by D-Block3:18
54.Death of a Demon (B-Front remix) (feat. Nikkita)by Frontliner5:03
55.R.E.M. Sleep (and Thera)by B-Front3:24
56.We Want Your Soulby Outbreak2:56
57.Firestormby Digital Punk3:38
58.Vitruvius (vs. Donkey Rollers)by B-Front2:47
59.Evolutionz (Ran-D remix) (vs. S-Te-Fan & MC Villain)by D-Block5:24
60.Psycho (and Frequencerz)by B-Front2:53
61.A Storm Is Comingby Gunz for Hire3:55
62.Bustin' Jieberby Tartaros2:59
63.The Black Demon (Digital Punk remix)by Radical Redemption4:27
64.Tormented (and Alpha2)by B-Front3:28
65.Blackout (B-Front remix)by Unknown Analoq4:05
66.Das Weite Land (and Jack of Sound)by Alpha23:37
67.Last of Your Kindby Moradin1:51
68.Sleepwalker (Thyron remix)by B-Front3:25
69.And There Was Chaos (and Derone)by Degos4:19
70.Oblivion (Phuture Noize remix)by Digital Punk3:34
71.Defqon.1 2014 Mix 3 (Mixed by B-Front)by Various Artists1:18:04
72.Run for Cover (and Bk)by Kutski3:48
73.Belther (and Antolini)by Acti4:15
74.Precinctby Hawman4:06
75.Wotby A*S*Y*S5:46
76.Atakamaby Smoke3:21
77.Drums in the Deepby Chris Dynasty6:52
78.Found Love (Scot Project mix) (and Organ Donors)by Scot Project6:13
79.Bass Face (and Audiofreq)by Acti3:43
80.Lost in the Plotby Alex Kidd4:06
81.Wake Up (and Audiofreq)by Organ Donors5:11
82.Selvedge (feat. Natski)by Acti4:27
83.Switch It Up (and ASYS)by Organ Donors5:00
84.Engageby S1ngular4:50
85.We Call It Acid (and A*S*Y*S)by Organ Donors5:18
86.The Walking Undeadby NeroArgento4:30
87.Madby A*S*Y*S5:25
88.Qultheldenby S1ngular3:23
89.Down Underby Subkiller3:41
90.Ask Yourselfby Geck-o4:18
91.Defqon.1 2014 Mix 4 (Mixed by Audiofreq)by Various Artists1:17:04