Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2015: No Guts No Glory by Various Artists

Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2015: No Guts No Glory

by Various Artists

  • 97 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 10:59:22


1.Let the Bass Go (and Villain)by Wildstylez3:38
2.Here We Go!by Noisecontrollers3:36
3.Nothingby Hard Driver4:39
4.Devine (and Frequencerz)by B-Front3:34
5.Back to the Underground (and Audiofreq)by Zatox3:09
6.No Guts No Glory (Defqon.1 Anthem 2015) (feat. Skits Vicious)by Ran-D5:59
7.Hardbass Junky (Digital Punk remix)by Brennan Heart4:25
8.Fck EDMby Ran-D4:35
9.Fuck the System (and Kronos)by Zatox4:04
10.Brainsmackerby Outbreak3:26
11.Dis-Co-Tekby Tatanka3:46
12.Brooklynby Gunz for Hire3:18
13.Rest in Hellby Digital Punk2:47
14.911by Jack of Sound4:04
15.For the Street (Regain remix) (feat. Danny Scandal)by Adaro4:01
16.Hit Em Upby The Machine3:06
17.Oldschool Flow (and E-Force)by Adaro3:51
18.Feedback (and Re-Done)by Degos5:12
19.Paranoid (and Phuture Noize)by Ran-D3:31
20.May God Be With You Allby Gunz for Hire3:05
21.Collatoral Damageby Requiem3:04
22.Look at Me Nowby Sub Sonik4:26
23.Defqon.1 2015 Mix 1 (Mixed By Ran-D)by Various Artists1:18:18
24.The Poisonby Miss K84:44
25.Talk About It (feat. MC Jeff)by Bodyshock5:56
26.Running Scaredby Dyprax4:29
27.Pussy Fuck (and DJ Kahlkopf)by Mechanical Animal5:12
28.Master Xploder (Partyraiser remix) (feat. Teddy Killerz)by Dope D.O.D.5:38
29.First Mission (DJane RVT Mash Up) (and Scrape Face vs. The Unfamous)by Partyraiser2:07
30.Confessionby Lady Dammage4:12
31.So You Wanna Be Hardcore (vs. The Rhino)by Joey Riot2:10
32.Brutal Methodby Andy The Core3:00
33.Beasty Crashby Brain Crash4:10
34.Die Motherfucker Die (X-Mind remix) (and Overtrip feat. MC Matt)by A-Kriv4:48
35.Only in Texasby Andy The Core2:30
36.Back Bitch (and DJ Aggressive)by Tharoza4:40
37.T-Raw Bitch (and Lady Dammage)by Deterrent Man4:17
38.La Bomba (System Overload remix) (and F. Noize)by Partyraiser2:09
39.Not Giving a Shitby Nosferatu6:04
40.Kaput!!by Hellstriker5:55
41.Eat This (and Death by Design)/ God! What the Hell! (and Darkcontroller)by Dr Peacock / Partyraiser4:45
42.God! What The Hell! (and Darkcontroller)by Partyraiser5:25
43.Looking Downby Thunder1:53
44.Aardig Opgefokt (and Madnezz)by Para Italia2:10
45.Hardcore Is Levenby Sjammienators4:02
46.Brainstabberby SRB4:07
47.Food for Vandalsby Vandal!sm6:12
48.Attack the Flow (vs. RTC)by SRB4:01
49.Fuck You All (and DJane RVT)by Darkcontroller1:59
50.Defqon.1 2015 Mix 2 (Mixed By Partyraiser)by Various Artists1:19:09
51.Power to the Peopleby The Pitcher2:56
52.I Don't Careby Dark Pact2:50
53.Terrordomeby Phuture Noize3:56
54.Down Low 2015by Deepack3:44
55.Funky Shitby Sub Zero Project3:38
56.Sweet Insanityby Endymion3:46
57.Hunters (and Dark Pact)by Artifact2:35
58.Rave (vs. Degos & Re-Done)by DJ Thera3:36
59.Kannibalsby Kronos3:38
60.Bring the Riotby Deetox4:14
61.Funkby Delete3:49
62.Robots to the Systemby Phuture Noize3:19
63.Path to Extinction (and The Geminizers)by Warface3:57
64.Reach Up in Ya Mouthby Bass Chaserz4:22
65.Demon Haunted (and Re-Done)by Degos3:07
66.The Consequenceby Requiem2:35
67.Brokenby Regain3:59
68.Painby Break Zero3:39
69.On the Run (and Deetox)by Deepack2:56
70.Fuck the Drum Machine (and N-Vitral)by Warface3:27
71.Fatal (and Deetox)by Delete2:47
72.Demon (and Jack of Sound)by Titan4:10
73.Rawness (and Deetox)by E-Force2:44
74.Defqon.1 2015 Mix 3 (Mixed By Deetox)by Various Artists1:18:30
75.Crash Testby Wildstylez4:17
76.Audiophetamineby Audiofreq3:09
77.FHRITPby Crystal Lake2:54
78.Feelings 2.0 (Hard Drop edit)by Dr. Rude4:29
79.On Your Markby Atmozfears4:03
80.Break the Spell (Dr. Rude remix) (feat. Oscar)by Da Tweekaz5:03
81.#GrabMeABeer (feat. MC Apster)by Wasted Penguinz2:12
82.Like a Locoby Psyko Punkz3:28
83.Rechargedby Isaac1:50
84.Galaxyby Rebourne3:52
85.Groundstomp (and Phrantic)by Dr. Rude3:53
86.Play My Recordby Wildstylez3:15
87.Freak (Phrantic remix)by Dr. Rude3:02
88.Make It Popby Crisis Era2:52
89.Break the Floor (and Villain)by Dr. Rude3:27
90.Bouncerby Zany2:46
91.My Identity (vs. Toneshifterz & DV8 Rocks)by Brennan Heart4:13
92.Contrast (Dr. Rude remix)by TNT3:02
93.Ready for the Weekend (Audiotricz remix) (and Coone feat. Ayah Marar)by R3hab3:12
94.For the World (and Coone feat. K19)by Dr. Rude3:50
95.Beautifull World (D-Block & S-te-fan remix) (and DBSTF)by Blasterjaxx3:22
96.The Sound of the Beast (Dr. Rude remix)by Donkey Rollers3:29
97.Defqon.1 2015 Mix 4 (Mixed By Dr. Rude)by Various Artists1:16:10