Demo/Singles Collection '94-'98 mp3 Artist Compilation by Malignant Tumour

Demo/Singles Collection '94-'98by Malignant Tumour

  • 76 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:26


1.Nanosomia Hypergenitalis (Instrumental)1:20
2.Chemical And Bacterial Analysis Of Cadaver1:10
3.Putrefaction Decomposition (In The Coffin)1:30
4.Symphonies For Pathologist (Acoustic Instrumental)1:14
5.Parasitical Cysts0:22
6.Bilharziosis Of Urinary Tract2:04
7.Regressive Metamorphosis In The Parenchyma1:32
8.Encephalitis Purulenta1:17
9.Process Of Fermentation1:44
10.Putrefaction Decomposition1:32
11.Mucormycosis Of Gastrointestinal Tract1:30
12.Acute Rheumatic Fever0:57
13.Parasitical Cysts0:21
14.Situs Viscerum Inversus Totalis0:26
15.Chemical And Bacterial Analysis Of Cadaver1:03
16.Acute Rheumatic Fever0:55
17.Herpes Labialis0:44
18.Process Of Fermentation1:38
20.Intersticium Inflammatio Purulenta1:19
21.Disease Of Oral Cavities0:48
22.Fuck Off Nazi Bastards0:23
23.Ingrowing Of The Alien Things In The Body0:37
24.Anal Sushi (Gut Cover)1:08
27.Pathological Fracture1:06
28.Endocarditis Streptococcia Acuta0:51
29.Affection Of Outlet Urinary Ways0:32
30.A Start At Least (Agathocles Cover)0:29
32.Grind Gut - Wrenching0:14
33.Desensitized (Regurgitate Cover)0:42
34.Dysenteria Bacillaris1:44
35.Acute Haemorrhagical Necrosis Of Pancreas0:39
36.Lymphogranuloma Venerum0:55
37.Chronical Myeloid Leukemia0:36
38.Herpes Labialis0:47
39.Climax - Menopause - Polyuria0:31
40.Nature Warning - Human Extinction0:49
41.This Filth Stinks0:42
42.Lay Off Me (Agathocles Cover)0:25
43.Government Shitheads0:43
44.Hope Against The System0:47
45.Mendacious Television0:49
46.Violence Against Fascistic Cunts0:49
47.Hypocritical Scene2:05
48.Killing For Profit0:45
49.Rock Stars - Money Wars1:44
51.Ausvicate Hi Kher Baro0:42
52.Mendacious Television0:48
53.Animal Abuse - Stop It!1:20
54.Films Kills0:59
55.All Around The World1:32
56.We're Missing A Liberty1:19
57.Teachers (Agathocles Cover)1:25
58.Fuck Off Nazi Bastards0:23
59.Fuck The Nato!!!1:20
60.Is It Really Mine (Agathocles Cover)2:17
61.Fuck The Nato!!!1:23
62.Industrial Intellect0:50
63.We're Missing A Liberty1:14
64.Animal As A Present1:11
65.Razor Sharp Daggers (Agathocles Cover)0:41
66.Hypocritical Scene (Live)2:03
67.Cartoon Violence1:22
68.Grind Core God1:08
69.Bad Core1:29
70.Why Animal Rights!1:12
71.Instant Girls1:13
72.Animal As A Present1:11
73.Blast Of Euphory2:36
74.What's The Fucking Joke (Live)0:41
75.Puke In The Dust (Live)0:45
76.Enslavery Begins At Birth (Live)0:52