Die Toten Tage Kommen... / ...Sooner Than Later mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Die Toten Tage Kommen... / ...Sooner Than Laterby Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:51


1.The Grim Rise Of... (Intro)by Depression1:33
2.Human Preyby Depression1:40
3.Maggot Eaterby Depression2:10
4.Hate The Kids [Turbonegro Cover]by Depression2:28
5.Depression Vs. The Devilby Depression2:13
6.Behram [Mesrine Cover]by Depression2:27
7.Leichenduftby Depression2:11
8.I Spit In Your Grave [Gods Of Grind Cover]by Depression2:19
9.Dare The Painby Depression1:43
10.Just A Piece Of Fleshby Depression3:18
11.A Farewellby Depression0:12
12....The Reborn Brutality (Outro)by Depression1:29
13.Uncle Jimmyby Mesrine1:41
14.Robert Picktonby Mesrine1:59
15.Bud Pettersonby Mesrine2:40
16.Malvoby Mesrine0:46
17.The Mangler [Depression Cover]by Mesrine1:57
18.Le Restaurateur Georges Tannousby Mesrine1:39
19.Renald Coteby Mesrine2:09
20.Jackby Mesrine1:29
21.Steve Racineby Mesrine1:53
22.Gino Camachoby Mesrine1:08
23.Charles Bishopby Mesrine2:42
24.Saddamby Mesrine1:05