Digital 8 (Special Edition) mp3 Album by Taryll Jackson

Digital 8 (Special Edition)by Taryll Jackson

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:05:18


1.Hands Down3:40
2.Just Say the Word3:14
3.One Last Time3:46
4.Too Much for Me4:21
5.It's over Now3:08
6.Right on Time4:33
7.What's Behind Your Name?4:10
8.It's Not Easy4:09
9.Do It to Me3:35
10.I Wonder4:06
11.Vip Girl3:37
12.Too Much for Me (Original Version)4:32
13.My Page1:55
14.Follow Me on Twitter2:32
15.Nothing's Ever Good Enough4:27
16.Don't Say4:01
17.I Can't Stop3:04
19.All My Love to You3:49
20.Don't Say (Acoustic Demo)2:35
21.My Life Without You (Digital 8 Version)3:06
22.When You Come Back to Earth (Digital 8 Version)3:44
23.Doubt (Digital 8 Version)3:00
24.4ever (Digital 8 Version)3:04
25.Be My Girl (Digital 8 Version)3:25
26.When It Falls Down (Digital 8 Version)3:01
27.Unlove You (Digital 8 Version)3:53
28.Undeniable (Digital 8 Version)4:04
29.Can't Stop Falling in Love (Digital 8 Version)3:48
30.Tonight (Digital 8 Version)4:11
31.Hope (Digital 8 Version)3:45
32.You Girl (Digital 8 Version)3:40
33.Dance Floor (Digital 8 Version)3:56
34.What Can I Do to Change Your Mind? (Digital 8 Version)3:33
35.Best of All Time (Digital 8 Version)3:01
36.My Life Without You3:56
37.When You Come Back to Earth4:15
40.Be My Girl3:22
41.When It Falls Down3:21
42.Unlove You4:25
44.Can't Stop Falling in Love3:46
47.You Girl4:39
48.Dance Floor4:17
49.What Can I Do to Change Your Mind?4:22
50.Best of All Time3:33

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