Disco Action mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Disco Actionby Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:20:20


1.I'm A Man (U.S. Disco Edit)by Macho7:35
2.I'm Ready (12'' Inch Mix)by Kano7:19
3.1979 It's Dancing Time (Extended Promo Mix)by Revanche8:14
4.Do It Dancin' (12'' Inch Mix)by Firefly7:10
5.Step By Step (Extended Version)by Koxo7:27
6.Walking On Music (Disco Edit)by Peter Jacques Band5:25
7.On The Beat (87 Bronx Remix)by The B.B. & Q. Band7:03
8.Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side (U.S. Remix)by Firefly7:08
9.Fire Night Dance (Disco Edit)by Peter Jacques Band6:29
10.All I Want (Disco Mix Edit)by The Armed Gang5:17
11.The Beast In Me (Maxi Single) (feat. Gordon Grody)by Silence 26:49
12.Love Is Magicby Midnight Gang6:41
13.Keep On Grooving (12'' Inch. Mix)by The Armed Gang7:06
14.This Night (Special Promo Remix)by Peter Jacques Band6:55
15.A Little Love A Little Wine (12'' Inch. Mix)by Flowchart5:54
16.It's A Girls Affairby Change5:31
17.Gotta Take Your Loveby G.A.M.E.7:18
18.Kalimba De Luna (12'' Inch Mix)by Macho4:42
19.Shake It Up (Long Vocal Mix)by Koxo7:04
20.Drives Me Crazy (12'' Inch Mix)by Peter Jacques Band6:32
21.Music Man (Remix)by Revanche10:03
22.Thank You Babyby Rudy7:41
23.Angel In My Pocket (Extended Version)by Change7:11
24.Show Me Tonight (U.S. Mix Version)by Firefly6:20
25.Counting On Love (One Two Three) (Extended Version)by Peter Jacques Band6:10
26.Not Tonight (Full Length Album Mix)by Macho5:33
27.Moonlight Shadow (feat. Gordon Grody)by Silence 24:27
28.Be Free (12'' Inch Mix)by Dr. Togo6:15
29.D.I.S.C.O. (12'' Inch Mix)by Antirock7:32
30.Midnight Gameby Midnight Gang5:29